In this episode, Daniel gives us some some important information about trees that surround your home, what to look out for, and why a good roofer will help you maintain them.

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Shayla: Thank you for joining us for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking today with Daniel. Daniel, how important is it to trim trees around and on or off our roofs?

Daniel: It’s very important. I have a little bit of a personal issue with this. My wife and I, we have a two story house, and we have two beautiful cherry trees that my wife and I planted a few years ago. She loved them, we put them in, and over sixteen years, they’ve gotten bigger and bigger and bigger. And they got to the point where they were over the top of the roof. And she kind of got mad at me, because I went out there and I trimmed the branches back off of the roof. I did that for a reason.
When your roof and your trees touch each other, the branches hit your roof, they can actually start to rub on the roof. They’ll rub the shingles raw to where they actually go through the fiberglass and actually cause a leak. Every time the wind blows, those branches move around. They can actually grab the shingles and lift them up, and cause a lot of damage.

A side effect to having trees over the top of the house that are that close is moss, debris. That’s going to be harder to deal with. We deal with cleaning and treating roofs all the time, and you have trees, we may have to reduce your warranty because of the tree debris that’s up there.

Here’s the other one. It’s a squirrel and raccoon highway. You’ve probably heard them running across the roof, if you live in Portland. If your trees are too close, squirrels can get from the tree to the roof, find a vent, chew a hole and get inside your attic. And squirrels can jump pretty far, so we recommend getting those trees trimmed back away from the house. So it’s going to help you three ways. It’s going to keep the tree from rubbing a whole in your roof, it’s going to keep the moss from growing as much, and it’s going to keep the rodents off of your roof.

Shayla: Alright. So you want to protect the investment of your roof. If you have any questions about anything Daniel has talked about today, you can reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon at

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