In this episode, Jerry goes in-depth to fill you in about our new roofing product options. We’re really excited about them and think you will be, too!

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB018-151:

Shayla: Thanks for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with roof consultant, Jerry. And, Jerry, you guys have a new line of roofing materials? What is that about?

Jerry: That’s correct. Recently, we have started installing a new style of roofing component for you. It’s a synthetic based style roofing. One is called Davinci and the other is called Decra. Now, in the past, we were very anti-synthetic roofing, mainly because our owner at Roof Life of Oregon had a synthetic style roofing component on his house that had failed miserably a couple times. And so for a long time, we have stayed away from it saying, eh, we don’t know if we want to do this, because it’s not quite right.

But there are two companies that have approached us that have a proven track record that has changed our mind to say, we’re going to entertain this, we’re going to talk about, and it took them about two to three years to get in our door to convince us to actually say, you know what, we’ll put this on. That’s a big deal for Roof Life to say that, because we will not put something on your house that is not going to benefit you. We want you to put a product on your house one time. So that’s why when Davinci and Decra came to us, now Davinci is a plastic style roofing and Decra is a metal style roofing with ceramic granules on it. It looks like an asphalt. But the biggest advantage of both of them is that they have a true lifetime warranty. They are a very good roof and they have a good track record. So that’s the only reason why we’re entertaining them, we’ve committed to it and we’ve started installing them on houses and we’ve seen them on other houses and they look great.

We’re always going to be a shake company. We love shakes. But we understand there is a clientele out there who do not want shakes on that house, but they want a roof that’s going to last a long time, with very low maintenance.

So some of the benefits. Davinci, I’ll start with them. Davinci is plastic style roofing. It’s called a closed cell roofing, which means nothing can grow on it. So in this great northwest environment we have with all the moss, you can actually put that on your house, and you will never have to treat for moss again. I know, it takes us out of business, but we would rather make sure you have a great roof, because we are maintenance company. But it allows people in those really super heavy wooded area to put a roof on their house and not have to repair it and maintain every single year. You just simply blow it off.

Now the Decra is a ceramic, coated, metal style roof. The beauty of that is it’s not plastic. It looks like an asphalt roof. It still will grow moss, but you can pressure wash it until your heart’s content. You will not destroy the integrity of that roof and that roof’s warranty is a true lifetime warranty. When you’re reading through the warranty claims, it actually says lifetime. If they sell it, the next person gets a fifty-year warranty. So there’s benefits to both. It just depends on what style you’re looking for, price point you want to be in and how much maintenance do you want to have on your house.

Shayla: Alright, so those are some exciting new additions to what Roof Life of Oregon offers. If you have any questions about either of those style roofs, please reach out to Jerry and the team today.


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