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Podcast: Why Do You Call Your Inspections “Well-Care Check Ups”?

Posted March 15, 2017 by Patrick Morin
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In this episode, we talk with Patrick about the phrase “well-care check up” and what it means to Roof Life of Oregon when they come take a look at your roof.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB020-169:

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon and I’m talking today with Patrick Morin. Patrick, I’ve heard you guys say a “well care check up.” So for our listeners who have never had one, what is a well care check up from Roof Life of Oregon?

Patrick: Well, when you come into the greater Portland area, you’re going to hear about Roof Life of Oregon’s well care check up and if the roof hasn’t been under a well care plan, the heavy moss that grow horizontally and then up the verticals of your shingles, when that heavy rain comes, the wind blow rain with mixed debris and moss, water is going to find its way into your house and that’s when you start ratcheting up how important a well care plan is for your home. So in general, when we go to your home, we start an inspection video from the front of your home, so you definitely know it’s your home. And then we take our videography camera up on the roof and as we’re looking at your roof, we’re looking at all the components that work together with your shingles, shakes or tile that keep the water out of your home. So we’re look at pipe flashings, skylights, chimneys, can vents, roof to wall flashings. I mean, I could on and on about the things that we look at. We look at the amount of debris. We look at what is upwind from your roof, because that’s what the wind blows through and drops on your home.

That’s all on this video that we send you. And if you have us address the issues, let’s say that we find exposed nails that have lost their mastic, or staples that were used where neoprene washered screwed should have been used, or a plastic can vent that fail in half the time that the shingles that were put on your roof fail, because UV breaks down plastic components and we find cracked ones, and we want to suggest to replace them with metal can vents that last the entire life of the roof. So you’re going to see all of these things in our well care check up of your home. It’s just giving a layperson in the roofing industry, the homeowner, information about their specific home and the things that are of issue and then we’re going to assign a price to each one of those items, what it will take to fix it. And if you decide to that, you will receive a Your Roof is Our Roof Warranty. And there’s some different facets of that we’ll cover on a different topic, but that is what a well care check up is. We feel in Portland, because of the amount of rain, the amount of tree debris and the amount of growth, that asphalt shingles should be well care check upped every two to three years, and tile, depending on the amount of growth or debris surrounding them, every two to three years. Shakes, every four to five years. So depending on where your home is located, how much debris, how much moss you’re dealing with, we just shorten the cycle up a little bit. It really is kind of your source for your roof maintenance, and we call it well care because our goal is to keep your roof well so you don’t have those leaks. And so we try to keep you out of that and we’ll talk about the Your Roof is Our Roof Warranty. What happens if your under a well care plan from Roof Life if that does happen? So that hopefully helps you understand what is a Roof Life of Oregon’s well care check up.

Shayla: Schedule your well care check up with Roof Life of Oregon by getting ahold of Patrick and the team today.

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