In this episode, Patrick fills us in on the inner-workings of how RoofLife schedules their well-care inspections, maintenance, and treatments. Clients often ask us why we have to spread them out. Listen to find out why.

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Shayla: Welcome to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with CEO Patrick Morin. Patrick, some people have asked why is there a space between the time when you clean their roofs and when you treat it?

Patrick: So when we clean a roof we’re using our engineered and specially built machinery that cleans the roof off without damaging it, and then the roof is all wet. So whether it’s dry outside or wet outside, the roof is soaked, because we just cleaned it off. All of our products have to go when it’s dry. Cleaning a roof, generally we’re there four to eight hours. If it’s a big roof, two days, three days, however long it takes. But in the treating process, it’s done by a whole different piece of a equipment, it’s done by a three man team, and they may be there one hour to four hours for the same relevance.

So what happen is you have to get the cleaning ahead in order to create a route so that the treating crew has a full day worth of work. So in the Portland metro area, we have it divided up into thirty-five service areas. So we know that when we go out in an area, number one area, it’s going to be a full day’s route and we just let the routes fill up and when a route is filled, we wait for mother nature to give us dry weather, with low wind. When I say low wind, anything below eight miles an hour. And then we can go and we apply the product to 7-12 houses in one day with one crew.

So in cleaning, one crew does one a day. In treating, one crew does 7-12 a day. So there’s quite a bit of difference in the equipment used. There is a lot difference in how much time it takes to accomplish it. So when you choose Roof Life of Oregon, you will get a set schedule for your cleaning, and we’ll have one or two techs come out, depending on the slope and size of your roof, we’ll spend the day or two or three, however long it takes, to get the roof cleaned off, the gutters cleaned out, the house rinsed down and the yard cleaned up. Then your roof will be beautiful to look upon, and healthy, but it just won’t have the product that keeps the moss and fungus from coming back. And then we’ll come back around, as weather and routing allow, and we’ll apply the product and at that time is when your three year warranty begins. So hopefully that helps you understand why there is a space of time between when a roof is cleaned, repaired, and treated.

Shayla: If you have any questions about anything we’ve talked about today, reach out to Patrick and the team at Roof Life of Oregon.

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