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Podcast: Why Are Our Roof Inspections Called “Well-Care Check-Ups”?

Posted November 16, 2016 by Patrick Morin
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In this episode, Patrick describes why we call our roof inspections “well-care check-ups” and what they entail. It’s a lot more than you think! It’s just one more step we take in making your roof our roof.

RoofLifeB016-135 Podcast Transcription:

Shayla: You are listening today to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with CEO Patrick Morin. And, Patrick, you said you guys get asked this a lot. Tell me what is a well care check-up?

Patrick: We do get asked that a lot. And a well care check-up is when you’re thinking, well, no one’s looked at my roof lately. I don’t even know what it’s doing or how it’s doing. I need to have someone come give it a check-up. And then that’s what Roof Life does. We know with the three and a half feet of rain, and coming with a lot wind, a lot of tree debris, a lot of growth, black rot fungus, moss, lichen, everything can get out of sorts really fast here in the greater Portland area. So a well care check-up brings you up to speed, helps you know, gets you that peace of mind, okay, I think my roof is going to be just fine this winter. My shoulders can come down; I can relax.

One of the things that we get ask a lot, especially when we show up is, wow, you guys are actually going to get on my roof. So apparently, in our market, that’s pretty unusual. For example, I went to a client’s roof, it had a twelve year-old heavy shake roof. The company that put it on was called by her and she said, I’m thinking there are some ridge caps that look out of sort. This guy went out and didn’t get on the roof, looked at her roof, and said, yeah, you’re right, you’ve got a couple more years before you replace the roof.

So she called me up going, well, Pat, I don’t think we should be doing any more well care because I just have to replace my roof in a couple years, and I’m thinking, I’m looking at our report and going, the skylights are good, all the pipe flashings are good, there’s nothing corroded, everything looks healthy, you just have a black rot problem on the shakes and you’ve got some ridge-caps that the wind has blown off. I go, I don’t think that’s an accurate report. Would you mind if I went back by and looked at again? She said, Oh, okay. Remember this guy had put the roof on twelve years ago, this company. This is a well known company in Portland. When I went out there I found twelve ridge-caps and eighty-six shakes out of the two thousand and a roof that’s going to go another fifteen to twenty years with normal maintenance and she was just elated.

I don’t understand how somebody can go to a home and do a roof inspection without getting on the roof. People get bad information. At Roof Life, that will not happen. So we set up a procedure to help you and I wanted to go through that with you, as a homeowner, what to expect when you call Roof Life out.

The first thing we do is you get a photo of whoever is coming to your home, sent your email, before we ever arrive. So when you open that email, you know that Patrick has been assigned your project. And every one of us wears it on our collar. They’ll have their nametag on. We’ve been certified, drug tested, and trained so that you have an element of security. When we come to your home, we bring our card to your door, knock or ring on the doorbell, introduce ourselves, and if you’re not there, we’re going to know, because we’ve called ahead. We call every one of our homes ahead of time, personally, introduce ourselves and tell them that they’re on our route for inspection today, leave our cell phone number, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call. When I go to the door, I hand them the card, or I set the card down at the threshold. I go back out to my van and I put on these special little gloves. They’re called gorilla grips.

What would surprise most homeowners is how hot a roof is. If it’s eighty degrees, your roof is about 120. And when you try to hang on to it or touch it, it burns your hands. So here we are. I’m ready to look at your roof. Now ninety percent of all accidents happen getting on and off the roof, so at Roof Life you’ll see all of our inspectors, we have these bungee cords, because when we put our ladder up against your roof, we’re going to bungee our ladder to the gutter so there’s no slippage. It minimizes the falling. So we bungee our ladder before we get up.

You’ll see all of our techs go up with a wonder bar, because with wonder bar you can check a roof out really, really well. So this is what a Roof Life inspector looks like when they come to your home: gloves, strap for ladder, a flat bar. And we’re going to get on your roof, walk it, and give you a report that’s going to make your roof our roof for three to five years, which means if you have a leak, we fix the leak and we repair the damage it caused inside the home for free. There are some exclusions to that, but if it’s covered under the warranty, it’s a done deal. And no growth for the same amount of time. So literally, your roof becomes our roof. It’s the best roof warranty in the greater Portland area, exclusively offered by Roof Life of Oregon and we’ve been doing it, we’re in our thirty-fourth year. Same name, same owner and same phone number.

Shayla: You guys heard it here. You’re never going to experience a roof inspection like the one from Roof Life of Oregon. So if you want to get on their schedule, get a hold of them today.

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