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Podcast: When You Buy a Roof from Roof Life of Oregon

Posted November 20, 2018 by Jerry Becker
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In this episode, Jerry discusses the roof-buying process with Roof Life of Oregon and why our main goal is to educate our homeowners about their roofs.


Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB038-230

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Jerry today. Tell us a little bit about the process of getting a new roof from Roof Life of Oregon and how it might differ from some other companies out there. You say you’re not really high pressure sales. Can you touch a little bit on that?

Jerry: Yeah, we’re not high pressure sales company. Obviously when we come to your house, we want to sell you a roof, but that’s not our primary goal when we come to your house. Our primary goal when we come to your home is to find something that is going to serve you and your family and your home in a budget that you’re trying to stick within.

Recently, one of my coworkers came into the office, and he was talking about his neighbor about three houses down. And they were in they were in the neighborhood and they met up and they started talking. And my coworker’s neighbor expressed to him an experience that he just had with a canvasser roofer. A canvasser is a company that goes around and they just kind of canvass the neighbor and they knock on doors and put up flyers, and they want to put a new roof on your house. So he’s talking about this experience with this roofing company that knocked on the door and the roofing company did get inside the door. And he did not leave until four hours later. And during those four hours, it was a very, very high pressure, not about the material or what we’re going to do, it was all about the number. And he was not listening to the customer on what they were wanting.

And come to find out after we had visited that customer, because he did, he gave us a call out of the counsel of his neighbor and said, hey, give us a call, let us help you out. Anyway, so he had such a bad experience with this roofing company, he gave us a call, and said, you know what? We’re going to give you a try. His wife was like, eh, I’m not really going to sit in there. I’ll be in the house, but I don’t want to be involved in this anymore, because of the past experience that we had. So we sat down and when we put a bid together, we’re not looking at the number. Yes, there is a number at the very end of it, but that’s not what we focus on. We let you build your roof. We go through the process of what’s going to happen with your landscaping, with the removal of it, with what kind of shingle do you want on your house? What do you want it to look like?

And I come to find out this customer wanted something very visual. His wife had an idea of what she wanted. Nobody ever touched on that. They just walked in there, measured the house, gave them a number, and said, “Here’s the number.” And it was nothing what the customer wanted at all. So when we sit down with you, we’re not forcing anything on you. We’re not going to say, “Sign now and you get 10% off!” or “Let me call my manager for a great deal.” We don’t do anything like that.

We sit down, we give you all information, we educate you on your roof, and at the very bottom there is a number. Obviously, we want to sell you the roof, but that number is reflective on what you choose for your roof, since you built it.

Shayla: And they can go back, after they see that number, can they go back through and sort of itemize and go through and see, you know, if the number was too high, maybe you could make some adjustments inside the building of the roof?

Jerry: Absolutely, that’s one of the best features that we have with our program, and that’s the thing that customers really love is when they get done building the roof and they’re like, “That’s just a little bit more than I was hoping for.” That’s when we can go back through and we can go through all the details that we went through, because there is a price beside every single thing that we select.  It’s the same thing as going online and building your car online. There’s not much difference between the two. The customer’s able to go through and tweak things around to help with that number. A lot of times the customers find that what they put in that roof, they want. They don’t want to lose any of those features and those benefits. So they understand the price. That’s probably the biggest takeaway people have with our program is they understand what they’re buying. They’re not just getting a sheet of paper with 30 things listed on it saying, here’s your roof. And it has things on it called de-flashing, and drip edge metal, and flashing and counter. And the customer looks at that and they’re like, I have no idea what that means! But with us, they understand it. It’s not just a number, it’s your roof, it what you choose. It’s what you built. It’s what’s going to keep your house dry, and keep your home safe.

You know what? If you have that person that comes to your house and something doesn’t feel right, listen to that gut. Give us a call, and we’ll come and we’ll help you out. We’ll explain everything to you. We don’t care what they’re doing. We just know what we do and we do it very, very well. So listen to your gut. Let us walk you through the steps so that way you know what’s going on on your roof.

Shayla: Alright so to work with a team that offers complete transparency, and will educate you through the process of picking out the roof that you want for your home, all you have to do it reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Jerry.

Jerry: You bet.


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