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Podcast: When Small Issues Go BIG

Posted December 28, 2016 by Jerry Becker

In this episode Jerry discusses how seemingly small issues, if let go unresolved, can turn into big problems (and big bills) down the road.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB018-147:

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with roof consultant, Jerry. And, Jerry, tell me a little bit about how something that seems small, I think, to a homeowner can actually turn out to be a really big deal in the end.

Jerry: Man, this time of year reveals a lot of weaknesses in a person’s roof. It really does. You have pounding wind, you have lots of rain, and so many instances, when I go out to a person’s roof, for example, yesterday. We had this big storm that came through over the weekend. And I went to a person’s home yesterday. That water was leaking into the garage, and it was leaking on the outside of their home and destroying the wood window. And what we found is it was just a bunch of debris plugged up on what we a call a little dead valley. A dead valley just where a bunch of roofs come together, water stops, it sits there, it has no place to go, and so what it does is it sits there until finds a way into the house.

This client just had a handful of debris about that big and I took it out, threw it on the ground and the roof works great. The sad thing is, that little simple fix cost the homeowner probably about a thousand dollars in damage, because it destroyed the whole sheetrock side inside their garage, and it ruined a bunch of window casing around their window. So don’t let things slide. If you see something wrong, call the action a little bit quicker. That way, we can come out and relieve that headache of having to do a major repair for something that was really insignificant.

Shayla: Could regular maintenance have, if they had had you guys out there on a regular basis, would that have been seen earlier?

Jerry: For sure. Definitely. Just by us taking a look at your roof, we can have you avoid those really bad circumstances, just by us coming out and doing regular maintenance. It allows you to have peace of mind knowing when the weatherman says, the storms are coming in, you have no fear that your roof is going to be able to handle it.

Shayla: So you may not see those little things yourself, but regular maintenance from Roof Life of Oregon will catch those little things so they don’t turn out to be huge, costly headaches. If you have any questions about anything we’ve talked about today, reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Jerry.

Jerry: You bet.

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