In this episode, we talk to Jerry about roofing warranties and the one thing you should absolutely do when buying a home.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB020-164:

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Jerry today. Jerry, you were telling me a story. You  said there was a homeowner that had a 10-year old roof that was failing and they were confused why they didn’t have a warranty. Can you explain why that is?

Jerry: It’s a very common problem. If you’ve ever had to deal with a warranty, you know they’re very difficult to obtain, very difficult to get money back on to even make them work. And roofing is no different and actually roofing’s a little bit more difficult than, say, a vacuum warranty. On a roofing warranty, you get in most company’s a sure start of ten years, which means if anything happens in the first ten years, you are covered. That means you will get a brand new roof and everything will be right as rain. The problem is, if you are not the original owner to that house, you do not have a warranty, because the warranties do not transfer to the next homeowner. So that’s a really sticky part. You have to watch out for it. It happens a lot when you buy a brand new home, okay? So you buy a brand new home and it needs a roof to get put on to there. The most important thing to do is when you’re buying that home and the new roof gets put on that your name is on that warranty card for that roof. If your name is not on that warranty card, you actually get thirty days to transfer it, which they don’t tell you, and then once that thirty days is up, your warranty is gone. So couple of things to think about. If you’re buying a new home, and it’s less than ten years old, contact the manufacturer, put your name on it with the warranty card. You have thirty days to do that. If you don’t do that, you do not have a warranty.

So I’m at a house right now. They bought the house eight years ago, the roof was installed ten years ago. The roof has failed. They do not have a warranty, because they are not the original owners. They have no idea who bought that house, they don’t care who bought that house. So next week, we are going to be putting on a brand new roof for them, and it’s only ten years old.

Shayla: So if you have any questions about anything we’ve talked about today, warranties are a big deal, and Jerry and the team at Roof Life of Oregon know all about it, you can reach out to them today. Thanks, Jerry.

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