In this episode, we talk to Patrick about the different types of roofing out there on the market, and why Roof Life is choosing to add a couple alternative roofing products to our offerings. He also describes what an “alternative roofing product” is, and how it can benefit your roof.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB018-152:

Shayla: Thank you for joining us for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with CEO, Patrick Morin. Patrick, it’s kind of exciting, you told me that you are now offering a new type of roofing material. Tell me why you resisted this type in the past and why you’re offering it now.

Patrick: I think we’ve seen a lot of alternate products fail, other than the traditional asphalt, shingle and wood shakes. So when you see products that come on the market and fail and what it costs the homeowners and the contractors, we’ve avoided them like the plague. So we’ve been continually looking and searching and asking and looking for alternatives because as asphalt becomes more difficult to gather, to get quality asphalt shingles, their price is going up and as the lumber industry does not go up and bring down mass amounts of spruce, hemlock and fir out of the Canadian mountain ranges, then the price of cedar fiber goes up. So the two mainstays in Portland, the prices are getting higher and higher, so naturally, we would start looking at alternatives that have a long-term, proven track record. We’ve trained our technicians on how to do them, and so now we’re offering them to the great Portland area.

So we went to a product called Davinci, and it is a closed cell product, which basically means nothing can penetrate it once it’s set. And, yeah, things will fall on it, but nothing will grow on it. And we thought, wow. And the track record, it’s over twenty years that it’s been produced in America and the Disneyland Corporation, both Disney World and Disneyland and the U.S. Forest Service, they ¬†use it on tons of buildings and it has been proven, without failure. It’s a higher price point, but it’s for those homes that will just set it off perfectly. So it’s beautiful, closed cell, smooth, beautiful textured product that, smooth and textured, but it has carves. It looks exactly like slate. You would never know it’s not slate. But then for the maintenance side, it can just be rinsed off or get the junk cleaned off. You don’t have to treat it. It’s a closed cell; nothing will grow on it. So that’s made by Davinci roofing products.

And then the other one is made by Decra and all of these are American made products, which is great. Davinci is made out of the Midwest and Decra is made is California. And Decra takes steel and they put a polymer on it and they put on this really heavy gauged granules that, you know, an asphalt shingle has granules on it and they’re super small, these are double to triple the size of those and that’s what we get on a Decra product. And they make different profiles: a shake profile, a slate profile, a low profile, a high profile. So they make these amazing products. They’ve made them for years and years. And we could just take off the asphalt shingles, go right to the deck, and then we just put down your new moisture barrier, and this product goes right on as asphalt shingles do. Decra is an amazing company. They have roofs right here in Portland that have been on for years and years.

And so we feel comfortable with adding these two products, Davinci and Decra, to our offering of Malarkey asphalt shingles and, of course, our amazing, old growth, cedar products that we offer in our line up.

Shayla: Roof Life of Oregon is always staying on top of what’s new in the industry and so it’s very exciting. If you have any questions about these new products that they’re offering, please reach out to Patrick the team today at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Patrick.

Patrick: You bet.

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