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Podcast: What Happens When A Leak Goes Undiagnosed?

Posted December 31, 2016 by Daniel White

In this episode we talk to Daniel about roof leaks, and the damage that happens when a leak goes undiagnosed for too long.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB018-148:

Shayla: You are listening today to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Daniel who is a roof specialist. Daniel, tell me about a situation where a leak kind of went on for too long and how you helped the customer deal with that.

Daniel: Absolutely. I had a leak go on this weekend. We’ve had record rain, record wind, just all kinds of crazy weather. He called in and said, “This leak has been going on for awhile. We thought we had it fixed. We’ve dealt with it a couple times, but it’s worse now. Can you come take a look at it?” So I drive out, look at the house, and he’s got the perfect storm with where this leak is. So he’s got a high water traffic area, and that is he’s got two roofs that come together, they dump all the water. Then he has a gutter that runs back from another roof. All that dumps all into the same area, then runs down the roof.

When the roof was originally built, and the house built and the roof was put together, the plumber ran the pipe for the plumbing right out of the roof, right into that location. I mean, right below where all that water dumps. And so I looked at it and you could see where the homeowner had thrown tar at it and everything he could to try to fix this thing, and it’s just not going to work, because it’s rusted the metal, it has rusted the nails, it’s caused wood damage underneath. Funny thing, went in the attic to go figure out what we could do from the inside and make sure that was all that was leaking. This attic space had fifteen, twenty feet of bare, open area where that pipe could’ve gone, anywhere but that water traffic area.

So this was one of those things where the builder should never have allowed that pipe to go there. He could’ve easily run that thing ten feet over, stuck it out the roof, put a pipe flashing on it, and never would’ve been a problem. And so, we presented him two options. One, we can leave the pipe right where it is, but we have to take all that apart, fix the wood, water proof it in, have a special flashing built, because it has this weird elbow in it, put it all back together, and know it’s still in a high water traffic area, or have a plumber come in, take that thing off, move it over ten feet, let patch the whole, put new shingles on there, put a flashing, half the cost for us to do that, and you know it’s going to be out of that water traffic area.

Shayla: The second one sounds like the long-term fix, is it?

Daniel: Correct. So rather than let’s just fix it where it is and we know it’s still an issue, let’s correct the entire problem. Again, it’s one of those things where the roofers, the plumbers, and the builders, they weren’t talking to each other. They designed house, built it, the plumber ran the pipe out the hole, and everybody just said, okay, I guess that’s where it is. Let’s go ahead and fix it where it is.

Shayla: It sounds like regular maintenance from Roof Life of Oregon could’ve helped fix this problem sooner. Is that right?
Daniel: That’s correct. If we get to a house and it’s not leaking, but we see something like that, we’ll point it out to the homeowners and say, “Hey, it may not be leaking, but that’s going to be an issue later on. Would you like us to address that now?”

Shayla: So if you have questions or you want to get that regular maintenance started, reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon today. Thanks, Daniel.

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