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Podcast: What Happens If I Get A Leak On A Weekend?

Posted November 11, 2017 by Jerry Becker

In this episode, Jerry walks you through the leak process with a couple helpful tips. We do everything we can to get your leak taken care of- even on weekends. We’ll help you figure out how to prevent spreading or making the leak worse until someone can get there.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB027-195

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Jerry today. Jerry, what do I do this fall, if I spring a leak on my roof and it’s on a weekend?

Jerry: Give us a call. Yeah, there’s a couple different things you can do. One of them is to give us a call. We always have somebody around that’s going to be able to answer the phone and to get you to somebody who’s going to be able to help. Most of the time, it is going to come to me, especially on the weekends. I field all the phone calls that come in. And I kind of help you out, understanding what your leak is, where it’s coming from. And we will do everything we can to get out there, but on the weekend it can be a little bit more difficult, because we are a very, very family oriented company. And we do like our guys to be able to go home on the weekend and spend time with their family.

But when we know there are big storms coming in and there’s emergencies or things that we can’t remedy over the phone, we are definitely going to do everything we can to come out and to give you a little bit of piece of mind to at least get you through the weekend. And most of the time, just a simple phone call, I can help you get through the weekend without anybody needing to go there, and you don’t have to a whole heck of a lot to give yourself a little bit of piece of mind.

Shayla: What are some of the things that you can do over the phone?

Jerry: Some of the things that I can do over the phone, so one of the most common questions that we get, or one of the most common leaks that we get, “There’s a brown spot on my ceiling and there’s dripping water coming through it.” The first thing to do is to find the center of that drip and poke a little hole into the ceiling, just a little one. It doesn’t need to be massive. You don’t need to take your hammer and go – you don’t need to do anything drastic. Just a little tiny hole, because what that little hole will do is it will allow the water to collect in one area, come out, and then put a bucket down right below that. That way the water will not spread. You will not have this huge bulging water spot in your ceiling. And when it does come time to repair it, you’re not going to have to have as big of a spot to repair.

More often than not, you won’t even have to do anything to it once it dries out. A lot of times, if you do see a little stain, just spray it with a little bit of bleach, and it will just disappear in front of your eyes with a little bit of elbow grease. But that’s one of the biggest things that we do to help you is give the water a direction to go that can be controlled.

Shayla: It’s nice that they get to talk to a live person on the weekends. I know that’s stressful for the homeowner. It kind of feels like you’re alone when there’s no on you can talk to, so it’s nice, it sounds like they get to talk to a person usually.

Jerry: They do. And that’s usually where most of their peace of mind comes from. They understand, I know, weekends are hard, and not everybody can come out during the weekends. Just so you know, if it is a big storm season, we have all kinds of guys on-call, ready to go and help you out, but when it’s just a light rain, we try to keep our guys home. But it is, they really just like to talk to somebody to let them know that they’re not in it by themselves, that there’s somebody in the pits with them, ready to get dirty and to help you out.
Shayla: So if you get a leak this fall or winter, especially during those stormy weekends, give the team at Roof Life of Oregon a call. They’ll talk to you, talk you down, make sure you get some good advice to take care of your leak, and try to get out to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about anything Jerry talked about today, reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon.

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