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Podcast: What Could Go Wrong Without a Real Estate Roof Certification

Posted April 18, 2018 by Patrick Morin
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In this episode, Patrick explains the pitfalls that can come up in a real estate deal when a roof hasn’t been properly certified. It can affect both the buyer and the seller. Save time and money and call Roof Life of Oregon out before you buy or sell your next home.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB032-216

Shayla: Thank you for joining us for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Patrick Morin today. Patrick, tell me why it’s so important, we talked in the last podcast about the difference between well care maintenance and really a true roof certification when buying your home. What kind of examples have you seen where people haven’t gotten that roof certification and it’s kind of come back to bite them?

Patrick: Great question. We run into buyers that are interacting with sellers through their realtors, and there’s always when you really like a home and you like the school district, and you want to see things positively because you’re optimistic. So with that positive, optimistic attitude, you give trust. And, unfortunately, sometimes that’s taken advantage of or there are things overlooked. That’s why it’s good to have a counselor, like you have your realtor, that is going to give you advice and you want to make sure and follow a procedural process, when you buy your home.

A roof certification by a licensed roofing contractor, I’m kind of partial to Roof Life of Oregon. We have looked at roofs for thirty-six years now. All put on by everybody else. We figure out what’s wrong with them and well care them until they die, so we’re really good at finding issues to help you make the best buy possible.

I had client that called us out, they were a buyer, but they called us out after they had purchased the home. When we got to the home, we had found that we were there three months earlier and had flunked the home, meaning we could not certify it. The seller, who had had us out to get it certified, didn’t tell the buyer that. They just mentioned that they had had the roof taken care of over the year by Roof Life of Oregon. That was shared to the realtor. The realtor told the buyer’s realtor and the homeowner’s shoulders went down and said, “Oh, okay, well if they’ve been having it taken care of.” The buyer’s realtor said, “I still think we probably should have the roof certified.” The homeowner said, “You know, there’s so much more stuff going here. Let’s just not worry about it.”

So go forward three months, the buyer now calls Roof Life of Oregon. They heard our advertisement or they remembered the conversation with their realtors on the purchase. And they call us out to get the home going in the right direction. We go out and our inspectors remember the roof, we have all the documentation on it, and we end up having to tell the buyer that, “No, this roof, in fact, isn’t certifiable. It is in failure and needs to be replaced within the next year or so.”

So this became a thirty-four thousand dollar mistake. And it was incurred by the buyer, because they didn’t spend three hundred dollars to have the roof information. Look it, even just finding out that you just dodged a thirty-four thousand dollar bullet with information is worth three hundred dollars. So there’s example after example of that happening.

I had a buyer doing a move up to a six hundred thousand dollar plus home, because of the school district, the location of it to the school and the age of their kids. Made an offer, they accepted it. Then they went to their ten-day inspection and we ran into the snow and ice. So the days were clicking by, we got to the sixth or seventh day and there’s a panic happening in the buyer. She doesn’t want to lose the deal. And I said to her, “Just ask for an extension, because we can’t get on the roofs.” They’re frozen and snowy. When we had a little bit of a break, the southwest side cleared of snow, I got out there in a break in the weather, break in that snowy, winter break, and I found out that the roof was absolutely gone. It was just wet rotted, dry rotted, crumbling, loss of binding resin, all the fiber was falling apart, and somebody had been up there putting metal shims everywhere and trying to do repairs and she said, “My realtor says let’s just go with the seller’s inspection.” And I said, “Could I see that?” And she emailed it to me. And what it said is, “This roof may be certifiable with the following repairs,” which is not a roof certification. I pointed that out to her that word “may” is a killer in a legal description.

So I said, “This roof cannot be, it’s going to leak anytime and it’s going to be a big mess.” And this is a forty-two thousand dollar roof if you downgrade from a shake to an asphalt shingle. They had a codes, convenance and restrictions in their neighborhood. Well, their least cost replacement was forty-two. They type of roof that they had on the home as fifty-two. So this is a very expensive deal for her that she would have to incur within six months, three or four months, I think. And what happened was she got my information, the value of the roof, that it was in failure, and they’ve negotiated down forty thousand dollars and was able to get her home. She paid us three hundred for the information that brought to her forty-two thousand. This happens a lot in Portland, but my concern is that it doesn’t happen enough and a lot of people are losing their equity, and a lot of hard-earned dollars in this transaction that doesn’t need to be.

Get your roof certified by Roof Life of Oregon and know what you’re buying or for the sellers, go to the market with a certified roof. A real estate roof certification is a different level of certification than the well care maintenance.

Shayla: Alright so a few hundred dollars could actually end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars, so make sure you get that roof certification from Roof Life of Oregon. If you have any more questions for Patrick and the team, reach out today. Thanks, Patrick.

Patrick: You bet.

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