In this episode, Jerry discusses the “free roofing estimates” that Roof Life performs; what to expect when you call, and what to expect when we come to your home.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB017-143:

Shayla: You are listening today to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with roof specialist Jerry. And, Jerry, one of the first things you see when you go to the Roof Life of Oregon website is a free estimate. So how does that work getting a free estimate for your roof replacement?

Jerry: Pretty simple, actually. You just give us a call and they’re going to schedule a time that works for you, so you can meet me or our other roof consultant at your house. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to come to your home, inspect everything. We’re going to go inside your attic and see what the heartbeat of your home is telling us. We’re going to go on top of your roof and we’re going to gather all of the information that we need. Our process is a two-step process.

The first step, we’re going to come to your home, take a look at everything. The second part is I’m going to schedule a time to where we can sit down and go over the details of your roof, and basically, you’re going to build your roof, kind of like if you were to go online and build your car. You’re going to pick out your components; you’re going to learn a little bit more about it. You’d be surprised at the very end of our conversation how happy they are to actually know what they’re looking at.

Shayla: And it gives them a way to actually know what to expect. I think you probably end up with a lot more happy customers because through that second meeting they really get to decide how their roof is going to operate.

Jerry: For sure. It really puts a customer at ease knowing that we went through every detail. And they know exactly what the color is going to be, what the material is going to be, what to expect from our guys when they’re protecting the proper. Little tiny details. I mean, we really are sitting down with you so you fully understand what you are purchasing, what you are getting. We just want to sit down with you that way you can feel at ease knowing that the project’s going to be done exactly the way you specified.

Shayla: So if you want that free estimate, give Roof Life a call. You can also go to and you’ll find that free estimate button there. If you have any questions, reach out to them today.

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