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Podcast: We Approach Roofs Differently To Make Sure It’s the Right One For You

Posted November 22, 2017 by Jerry Becker

In this episode, Jerry explains how Roof Life looks at your roof from a different perspective than other companies- we’re “roof nerds” and we want your roof to become OUR roof. We sincerely want it to look great AND work right AND last longer. It needs to work for you and your budget.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB028-198

Shayla: Welcome to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Jerry today. Jerry, why might a homeowner not always want to put the roof they’re asking for on their roof? Why might you guys say, eh, let’s think about a different type?

Jerry: You know what? There’s a lot that comes into play when you’re buying your roof. And as a homeowner, you are looking for a couple things. To make sure it works correctly, to it looks good on your roof, and then, ultimately, you’re also looking at the cost of the roof. When we come in and we sit down with you, we kind of look at the roof a little bit different than what a normal person everyday would look at it, because we’re roof nerds. That’s what we do. A really good example of this would be, I guess yesterday would be a really good example. I went to this client’s house and when I pulled up to it, they had an old shake roof and it’s distressed, it’s super tired, it’s ready to be retired, and when I look at a house, I don’t just look at the roof, I’m looking at the landscaping, I’m looking at the environment that this house lives in and one of the things that this house has is a ton of trees. I mean, a massive amount of trees. You can’t even see the roof from the space, or the sky up above. That means you have a lot of tree debris that lands on it.
So when I’m going to talk you about a roof, I’m going to ask you, what are you looking for in your roof? And this client told me, “I want a presidential roof.” Presidential roofs are a very nice roof. They are a very long-lasting roof in the right environments. But they have different challenges with them. In this particular case, the maintenance on the roof would be a nightmare, because it would grow moss like a putting green. It would be an ongoing process just to keep this roof looking good. It would almost be very, very taxing to this client. And when I dig deeper into it with the client, I ask them the question, how much maintenance do you want on your roof once it’s installed? And you hear the answer, “I don’t want any maintenance.” Well, sadly, that doesn’t exist. You’re going to have maintenance, no matter what roof you get, whether it’s the highest end or the lowest end, you have to maintain it. But I am going to try to help them out.

For this client, I said, you know what? Presidential? Probably not the right kind of style. And presidential is just a blanket term. It’s an irregular roof. It’s got lots of dimension to it. And they looked at me and was like, why would you not want to sell me the most expensive roof? And I said, I want a roof that’s actually going to work for you and your family and your room. This roof will actually be a nightmare for you. You would just be constantly maintaining it and when I asked if you if you wanted maintenance, you said no. So I’m not going to give you a roof that’s going to set you up for failure.
Shayla: There probably are companies who just put on the presidential roof, right?

Jerry: Definitely. Most of the time because they don’t do maintenance. They don’t understand. It’s not that they want to do anything wrong. It’s nothing against the client or the customer. It’s just they don’t typically maintain those roofs. We have a very unique position in the market that we’ve been maintaining roofs for 35 years. We’ve been installing roofs for about the last 20 years. So we’ve seen what fails, and we’ve been able to reverse engineer a house to make sure that the roof that you get on your house actually benefits you, not us, not anybody else, but it benefits you. So we have a very unique perspective when we see a roof. We have a whole different view than what most anybody looks at. And we’re going to bring that view and help you out with it. The experience that we have to give you the education that’s going to pick out the right roof is priceless.

Shayla: When you’re shopping for a new roof, make sure you reach out to a team that has all those years of experience to make sure you are getting the right roof for your particular home. If you have any questions about anything Jerry talked about today, reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon.

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