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Podcast: Waiting To Fix Leaks Until You’re Ready To Sell Your Home Is A Bad Idea

Posted August 31, 2016 by Patrick Morin

In this episode, Patrick Morin tells us what happens when a homeowner with an old leak tries to put their home on the market. Never let a leak go un-diagnosed!

If you find a leak, call us.

Podcast Transcription:

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon Podcast and I’m talking today with Patrick Morin, who is the CEO of Roof Life. And, Patrick, like you said before we started recording, you can put up with a lot of things on your roof, but when you’re trying to sell it, you really want it in good condition, so what do you do when someone springs a leak, when they’re trying to put their house on the market?

Patrick: Yeah, that’s a real current thing. The real estate market in Portland is smoking hot. And by the statisticians, they say a million people are trying to move into our city and state here over the next five to eight years. But what relates to Roof Life and the roof and how that fits in is, it’s interesting how people will put with leaks, seepages or it only leaks when it rains a certain direction, or yeah, I know the trees on the roof up there, but I didn’t think it would do anything, and it’s rubbed all the granules off your shingles. But I was on one yesterday and it was interesting because they have a back dormer that faces directly south and in Portland, we get all of our weather surges from the south/southwest. And the roofer that put the roof on didn’t counter flash the roof into the dormer. And so when I got up there, I saw this mastic, black mastic and caulking and everything and I thought, wow.

My questions were: is this the leak you were referring to? And he goes, yes, it leaks there and it leaks here and it leaks over here. And I thought, wow! If homeowners knew what leaving a leak on your home does, the wet rot and the fungus that sets in in the structure. When you know you have a leak or seepage, the best, and safest and least expensive choice is to call Roof Life, get it assessed, get it fixed and get it resolved. That’s going to save you thousands of dollars. Now we have to take apart this entire dormer, take it all apart, take all the siding off, take the roofing off, and see where the seepage is, fix any wet rot or dry rot, then put it all back together. It’s thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s $6,800 to do that repair.

That could’ve been avoided if they would’ve called Roof Life the first time they noticed it leaking and it could’ve been a $1,500 fix. So I know that real estate prompts you to address things that you’ve been putting up with for awhile, but we can use that lessen to the rest of us who aren’t selling our homes and we can just stay right with our roofs and not let things go along that ends up costing multiples of what it should cost.

Shayla: If you have any questions about anything Patrick has talked about today be sure to reach out to Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Patrick.

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