In this episode, Jerry gives us the inside scoop on roofing warranties and how long you can actually expect them to last.

RoofLife014-118 Podcast Transcription:

Shayla: Thanks for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon Podcast. I’m talking today with Jerry Becker who is a roof consultant at Roof Life and, Jerry, I want to talk about warranties. As homeowners, we here a lot of “it’s a forty, it’s a fifty, it’s a thirty-year warranty.” Do they really last that long?

Jerry: No, they don’t in reality. The warranties are very confusing and a lot of people really get caught up in their warranty. It’s very common for me to go to a person’s home and they say, “Hey, I want that roof that’s going to last a lifetime,” or “I want that roof that’s going to be a fifty-year roof.” A lot of homeowners get confused on what their warranty is and how long their roof is going to last, and that really is a great question, but it’s a loaded question, to be honest.

We go by realistic product life expectancy. We don’t get too caught up in the warranties, and we really encourage people to not get too caught up in the warranties. Yes, there are thirty, forty, and fifty year warranties out there, but they don’t say thirty, forty, and fifty. They all say limited lifetime.

So it’s your job as a consumer or to ask one of use, what does that mean? It depends on the quality of roof that you get. Let’s say you get a mid-grade melarky shingle, which is our favorite shingle out there. When you’re going through the warranties, you’re going to notice that it’s going to tell you your sure start warranty, which is fifteen years, which means that if anything happens in the first fifteen years, you’re going to be covered; workmanship, manufacturer, all those different things. On the sixteenth year is when it starts prorating out, and it ends at thirty years. So it prorates out at thirty years. That’s why you hear the phrase thirty year roof. It’s the say thing with presidential. It prorates out at fifty years. It does not mean it’s going to last fifty years. It does not mean it’s going to last forty years. That just tells you when the warranty completely runs out.

Shayla: And tell me, break that down for me, Jerry. Tell me what exactly does pro-rate mean for those of us who have no idea.

Jerry: Pro-rate is going to mean on the first fifteen years everything is covered; your material and everything needed to reinstall that roof. When you prorate something out, that means you’re going to lose a little bit of money each year that that roof gets older. So let’s say your roof was ten thousand dollars. The first fiteen years, that ten thousand dollars is covered. Let’s say it fails at fifteen years. You’re not going to get your full ten thousand dollars anymore. You’re going to get nine thousand five hundred. And it just keeps plucking away until it gets to zero at thirty years.

Shayla: And there are certain things that can also affect that warranty, right Jerry? If installers or people you have working on your roof do certain things, can it negate the warranty?

Jerry: Yes, there are things that will govern what your warranty’s going to cover. And if you’ve ever dealt with any kind of warranty claim on any product in the world, you will know that their job is to try and debunk giving you that warranty. They don’t want to just give it to you freely. So you want to make sure that everything is done exactly the way the owner’s manual says to do it or the install manual. Every company has a certain way they want to install it. It’s not based on what we think should be done. We go buy what the manufacturer tells us it needs to be done. That way, you don’t ever have to worry about not getting a warranty from one of our roofs.

Shayla: So if you have questions about what forty, fifty- thirty year warranty really means, you want to reach out to Jerry at Roof Life of Oregon. They are going to be straight with you and tell you exactly what you need to know to get the most life out of your roof. If you have any questions, reach out to them today. Thanks, Jerry.

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