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Podcast: The Difference Between a Maintained & a Certified Roof

Posted April 14, 2018 by Patrick Morin
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In this episode, Patrick discusses the huge difference between a roof that’s been maintained by Roof Life of Oregon, versus one that has been Certified by us. One does not necessarily imply or guarantee the other.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB032-215

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Patrick Morin today. Patrick, tell me the difference between someone saying, ya know, my roof has been taken care of by Roof Life of Oregon for the past five years, and my roof has been certified by Roof Life of Oregon. What’s the difference there?

Patrick: That’s a great question. There’s a big difference between a real estate certification inspection and “my home’s been well cared for by Roof Life over the years.” Remember that the three things people go after in the well care is they want the roof to look good, they don’t want it to be black and mossy and disgusting and moldy looking. They want it not to leak, they want it to work right. And they want it to last longer. Generally, on the shake roofs, because of the quality of wood that was put on the roofs, they’re going to get an extra almost forty-fifty percent life out of a roof that’s well cared for, versus one that’s neglected and they have the beauty of it.

Same thing on asphalt shingles and tile. You’re going for keeping your home looking good, working right and lasting longer. But material all has wear and tear on it and as it ages in Portland, we get all of our weather from the south, southwest, so as you look at your siding and your windows and your roofing, those sides wear out before any other sides of your home, because that’s where our direct sun comes from, that’s where our wind and rain comes from, and you add heavy debris to that and it can maybe even it out on the northeast sides, but as a general rule, south, southwest exposure really takes a beating here in the Portland market.

A well care for a roof though is only saying that we’re looking at it every three to five years and saying, “Okay, this is what the roof needs. And this is what you can expect of its service life.” And we say it has no leaks and won’t have any growth for a set period of time. So that’s a normal well care cycle, okay? So that’s very generic term, a well care cycle, because someone, if they knew all the facts, they would say, “Well, where’s the roof at in its well care cycle?” “Well, it’s at the end.” “Oh, well, then I need to have it certified.”

The home buyer needs to beware that just because of a roof has been well cared for does not mean it’s certifiable for a five-year real estate certification. That certification means to you as the buyer that you’re not going to have to put any money into the roof for five years. No leaks. You may have to well care for it if you have a lot of junk on it, have to blow it off. It may be whatever the cycle of treatment is, you might have to treat it, but as far as replacing the roof, the functionality of it, it’s solid, and you have a piece of paper that says, you have a certification that says, “This roof is certified for five years,” has our logo on it and everything. And we’ve checked it out.

Now, I read sort of roof certification done by another company here in Portland and it says, “This roof may last for three to five years if the following repairs are completed.” Now, I want to give Portlander homeowners a heads up. That is not a roof certification. Notice the word choice. This roof “may” last three to five years, if the following repairs are done. On Roof Life’s real estate certification is, this roof “is” certified for five years, and it’s dated, signed. There’s a big difference between those two. I just want people to realize that don’t just take that one phrase, “Our home’s been well cared for, our roof’s been well cared for by Roof Life, by so and so, so and so.” Protect your potential loss of twenty to fifty thousand dollars on that roof and have your home, at least have the roof certified by Roof Life of Oregon and you’ll have an absolute, concrete idea of how the roof’s doing. You’ll get a video of the roof. You’ll get a written certification and you’ll know how long that roof’s going to last, because to me, twenty to fifty thousand, depending on the size and shape of your roof, is a lot of money. I mean, homes vary from quarter million home to million plus home, million dollar plus home, so the roofs go along with those different size homes. Please, ask that next question. Where are you in the maintenance cycle? And have you had the roof certified for this real estate certification? Two great questions when the seller pops out, “Oh, it’s been well cared for by Roof Life.” I mean, they’ll name drop to try to get your realtor who’s representing you to accept the deal, but I see too many deals just fall right on the shoulders of, the burden of that re-roof, right on the shoulders of the buyers within in a couple years of their purchase.

Shayla: If you have any questions about real estate certifications, you can reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Patrick.

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