In This episode, Jerry dispels the myth that asphalt (composite) shingle roofs are less maintenance than cedar shake roofs. Listen to find out why.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB028-199

¬†Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Jerry. Jerry, if I get rid of the cedar shake roof on my home and put on an asphalt roof, will that take care of all of my maintenance issues?

Jerry: Nope. Not even close. A lot of people actually, they do come to me that way. We do live in an area that is predominantly cedar shake. A lot of the new developments that are thirty years old and younger are all put up with cedar shake and they’re all starting to fail. And I will have clients come to me on a daily basis and we’re we talking about their new roof, they’re like, “I can’t wait to get out of this cedar shake, because all I’ve done is maintenance on it and it’s been so expensive, and I’m going to go to this composition style roof and it’s going to be awesome. No more maintenance!” And it’s not the case. It really isn’t.

You’re actually going to have just as much maintenance with an asphalt as you would with a shake, if not more. The one thing Portland has that’s very unique compared to the rest of the country is we have an exorbitant amount of moss. We have moss everywhere. I remember when I first moved to Portland, it was back in 2002, and I was driving along the road and you see the old bridges, and you see the moss, and I was like, “Oh, cool. Moss!” Because back where I was from, you didn’t have it. In Kansas, there was nothing there. And it wasn’t until later on, when I found out how much of a problem that moss actually was. It just eats things away. So when you get that on your asphalt roof, it just eats the asphalt roof away. So no, you don’t get rid of maintenance just because you change your roof. It’s just different maintenance.

Shayla: Why do you think homeowners may assume that an asphalt roof would be easier to maintain?

Jerry: I think a lot of it is just wishful thinking. They just really want that to be true, because they’ve dealt with so much maintenance in their past. They just want something that’s going to work for them. And they’re reading all kinds of vlogs and they’re doing this and they’re doing that, just to try to get themselves educated. And even some of the literature on composition style roofs can be a little bit confusing, because it will say “algae resistance.” Well, algae is not moss. Do algae help promote moss? Yes, but it doesn’t need it to grow. So that’s where a lot of people will get really confused is when they’re looking at the brochures and they see “algae resistance,” and they automatically think all the green stuff is going to be gone. We’re good to go! And it’s not. It really isn’t. We wish it were true, but the fact is there’s not a roof on the market, none, that doesn’t require some kind of maintenance.

The best maintenance that you could do on your roof would actually, give us a call and let us take a look at it, but no, the best kind of maintenance you can do on your roof is keep the debris off of your composite roof. That’s the biggest thing. Keep it blown off. Keep it clean. Keep it clear. I kind of do an analogy with a car. You have to maintain a car no matter how fancy it is or how nice it is. You have to take it in for an oil change. Same thing for your roof. You have to take it in and get it looked at by a professional to see what’s going on with it. So, yes, give us a call, because we are going to be the professionals to be able to look at it to see if you do need something. And we’re not going to prescribe anything it doesn’t need.

Shayla: So the moral of the story is, if you live in Portland, your roof will grow moss at some point, so you need to give the team at Roof Life of Oregon a call to get that preventative maintenance done. And they are available to take your call. Thanks, Jerry.

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