In this episode, Patrick is asked about do-it-yourself roofing. How can someone know when to go to the hardware store versus calling Roof Life? This podcast is for anyone who is considering DIY roof repairs.


¬†Shayla: You are listening today to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with CEO Patrick Morin. Patrick, tell me when a DIY-er should call Roof Life of Oregon. When someone’s trying to do it themselves, when do they really need a professional?

Patrick: It’s interesting from Roof Life’s perspective because we get to go visit do-it-yourselfer fixes all the time. Some of the interesting things they run into is they didn’t get the right shingle. When they have a really low-slope roof and they feel really comfortable getting on it, they thing all shingles are created equal, but the fact is, there’s different nailing zones in each manufacturer’s shingles. And so matching those up would be really important in keeping your roof from leaking. Because as soon as you put a nail in to hold your shingle, you make a depression. And if it’s not the same shingle, you actually attract water to the hole you’re trying to fix. And people will go, dangit, how come I didn’t know that? Well, I don’t know who’s writing the DIY manuals, but sometimes there’s just little things that need to be fixed.

For example, people will say, oh, just mastic it. Go get a bucket of black tar from Home Depot and just seal it up or silicone, tubes of clear silicone. I saw one yesterday, a skylight, that had at least four tubes of silicone on it and it’s still leaking. Once a skylight goes bad, and it’s a manufactured installed weather seal, we’ve tried it, the silicone doesn’t work. And you end up in the middle of a storm finding out that you’re life and limb, hanging from a rope, trying to put mastic on the skylight, didn’t work.

Our whole thing is that you’re going to risk something and remember 98% of all roof accidents are getting on and off a roof, not the pitch of it, not the slope of it, not the height of it, it’s just that connection. So if a high majority of people fall getting on and off the ladder, you’re probably best doing what you do do, and letting us help you with what you don’t do. And, plus, we have a workmanship no-leak warranty that you can just chill and if you have that ability to just say, okay, Roof Life has my back, then it’s worth its weight in gold.

Shayla: Keep the water out of your home and to do that, you really want a professional’s opinion and service on your side. If you have any questions about anything Patrick’s talked about today, reach out to him and the team at Roof Life. Thanks, Patrick.

Patrick: You bet.

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