In this episode, Daniel describes why roof DIY is not always easier, better, or cheaper.

RoofLifeB017-137 Podcast Transcription:

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Daniel who is a roof specialist at Roof Life. And, Daniel, you’re saying that sometimes doing a project yourself, you can actually make it worse, right?

Daniel: That’s true. We love DIY. I love DIY. There’s things that I do myself. Sometimes the right thing to do is to hire a professional and not do it yourself, especially when it comes to things like roofing. We had a client that we tried to serve a year or two years ago. One of our other salesmen went out and looked at this roof and found a bad skylight, bad skylight seal, the flashing that goes around it and a bad vent. He diagnosed it all, figured out what needed to be done to stop this leak and gave the customer the cost. It was under a thousand dollars. The client decided he was going to do it himself and not have us do it.
So let’s fast-forward two years. I go back out for a well care check. He says, hey, got moss, let’s go ahead and get that taken care of. I climb up on the roof, look at the roof, walk over to this section, and wow. I almost fell through that section. What happen was he tried to do it himself, used the wrong shingles, did it wrong, and now all the plywood around it is completely rotted. If you step there without stepping on the rafter, you go right through the roof. So now, we have to come in, take everything apart, take the brand new skylight off, take off all the plywood, redo it all, rebuild the whole side of that roof, because the leak went down the roof, not just that area, but down farther. So now his under a thousand dollar cost is well over three thousand dollars for this one section.

Shayla: And it seems like one of those things, Daniel, that he probably thought it was fine, because you don’t see the immediate effect of that DIY repair, right? It could take years to see that.
Daniel: That’s correct. He never even saw the staining or the leaking on the inside of the house, because when he did the repair himself, he didn’t stop the water, he just changed the direction of the water. So instead dripping down and into his house, into the drywall, now it was coming down and following the plywood and just saturating the plywood, going down the inside. He never saw the signs that it was leaking, and the only reason he found that it was bad is because I went out there for a well care check-up to look at moss. And then when I climbed up, I looked at it and went, oh my lord. Had to take pictures and videos to explain to him what was going on.
So, DIY is great. We love it. Sometimes we need to leave it to a professional, when it comes to roofing and getting it correct, making sure water doesn’t get inside your house, let’s have a professional take care of that. Call Roof Life. We can do it for you.

Shayla: Alright. So leave the DIY to Pinterest and when it comes to your roof, give Roof Life of Oregon a call. Thanks, Daniel.

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