In this episode, Patrick opens some reader-mail and discusses their questions about our treatment, what makes us different, and why you should call Roof Life of Oregon for your roofing projects.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB017-143:

Shayla: You are listening today to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with CEO Patrick Morin. And, Patrick, you say you get letters every once in awhile. You get emails, people asking you questions. Do you want to share one with us today?

Patrick: Yeah, in fact, we get them daily and lots of them come in after we’ve been out to their home. And, done a well care inspection and provided a report to them. So I pulled one out that I was answered this morning and it’s from a young homeowner and the question was, “Patrick, can you tell us why your services are better than others and what you use on the roof to clean moss and keep it from coming back?”

Well, at the expense of tooting my own horn, let me see if I can address that. I think that from my experience of watching the passing parade of “I do it just like Roof Life, only for less” competitors, which have changed all thirty-three years, no one’s still around that has said that, but they all the same thing, it’s like they read a manual, that’s say this and you’ll get this and do this and you get this, but here’s what I think. I think we’ve been around long enough and we’ve been consistently doing a good thing. We have researched and built and designed and have used and mastered all the tools and products needed to have you roof look really good, as good as it can, and to work right, keep the water out, and to last as long as possible. And we live in an environment here in Portland that that’s really the mountain to climb; look good, work right, and last longer without leaks.

What happens if there are leaks? That’s another reason why Roof Life is the best. We have an emergency response button. You hit that button on the website and within five to ten minutes, you have a trained technician on the phone with you, helping you to mediate what’s happening in your home. And then if it’s not dark, we’re going to come out and get it stopped for you. Nobody has that in the Portland area.

The products that we use to control the growth, I think, are the best. I know that they’re licensed to use for the Portland area, so no one else can offer them. I think that Dennco Chemical out of Eugene, Oregon, has made three products, one for shake, one for asphalt shingles, and one for cement tile, that are designed to help those environments eliminate the growth problem. And if you put it on right, you have the best protection possible on the destructive growth, the unsightly growth, and the sloppy, yucky growth that’s all over these roofs that cause you stress and concern.

I think that our staff here at the office, you’re calling a team of 46 people that are committed to delivering roof well care services to the greater Portland area. It starts with our client services up front, flows right on through all the consultants, back into production. We do roof maintenance, roof replacements. I just think that the caliber of people is better than what I’ve seen out there that’s serving you. And that makes a difference. When you have a problem, and you want to call somebody, you want to make sure the caliber of those people are top notch, because they’re going to be coming to your home, they’re going to be addressing your concerns, so that’s why I think Roof Life is the best.

Shayla: As you guys can hear, not only do you have a team of 46 people, but the CEO of Roof Life of Oregon is listening to you, hearing you and responding to you, so if you have anymore questions, please reach out to Patrick and the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Patrick.

Patrick: You bet.

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