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Podcast: Patrick’s Top 5 Things To Know If You’re New to Portland

Posted September 30, 2017 by Patrick Morin

In this episode, Patrick gives his Top 5 Things To Know if you’re new to the Portland area. A lot of people may not be surprised by the weather but they are surprised by what it can do to a roof!

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB026-192

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking it Patrick Morin. Patrick, if I’m a person that just moved into the Oregon, the Portland area, from the east, I’m just going to ask you a few questions that that type of person might be wondering. The first thing is what do I need to know about cedar shingles, since they’re not really common in the east?
Patrick: Well, cedar shingles and shakes are really popular in Portland. They are made from western red cedar. A lot of that came out of the coast range of Oregon, and Washington. And now a lot of it comes out of British Columbia, Canada. And it’s a really durable wood. It has lots of ?, which is the natural binding resin and it looks really nice on a roof. It gives you lots of texture, insulation value. They usually last between twenty and thirty years, depending on the thickness. Thicker ones will go twenty to forty, sometimes fifty years. So they’re very popular here because they have some character, they have some depth, some shadow lines. They like to use those types of roofs in here in the Seattle, Portland market. It’s one of the bigger markets on the west coast.

Shayla: And why would need, even if I don’t have a cedar shingle, regardless of what type of shingle I have, why do you think I need a roof inspection?

Patrick: I think that it’s so smart for any homeowner that’s going to be making an offer on a home in an area where we get thirty-three and third feet of rain, and it comes at us with a little bit and sometimes a lot of wind, to always have the roof inspected so you know, for sure, what you have on the home that you want to buy. We’ll do a five-year cert with an expectation. If the home’s in super good shape and has some longevity, you’ll get a certification like, this roof is certified for five years, no leaks, no problems, and with a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years. So you’ve got, okay, my four, five, six, seven hundred thousand dollar home, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty is my roof value. It just helps you in your planning, it helps you know, what are the problems? Maybe the roof is shot and you don’t know it and there’s a defect in the manufacturing, there’s too much age on the roof, too many problems. Well, you may still want the home, but you would like to have a number to go back and negotiate the sale, with you getting a new roof in the deal.

Shayla: You mentioned a couple of the benefits of having Roof Life of Oregon doing the inspection, but why can’t my regular home inspector do a good enough job?

Patrick: 99% of the general inspectors can’t get on the roof. They will do a ground inspection, binoculars and a ladder inspection. So a licensed roofing contractor will actually get on the roof. This what we do all the time, is keeping roofs solid and complete so we keep the water out. It’s not what a general inspector does. General inspectors can call out issues that they find that are obvious – holes in the roof, vermin entries, chunks of roofing falling off. Obvious things, but they don’t have the ability to quote a solution, a cost, life expectancy or do a certification.’

Shayla: I don’t know this question is answerable or not, but how much would you say it costs to replace a typical roof in Portland?

Patrick: The average median income in Portland is $39,700? But who could live on that, right? So then you say the average household income in Portland is $79, 900. So these are averages that people will use. And I’ll give you an example. We were down at the coast and we noted that the average income down there was $24,000 and an average median income down there was $48,000. So pretty big difference between living down in a little coastal town like Brookings versus living in Sherwood or Tigard or Portland, some suburb of Portland. So when you say, “What would be an average replacement cost of a roof?,” anywhere from $15-100,000, depending on the size and type of home that your’e moving into. Either way, to a home that’s a small home that has a fifteen thousand dollar bill, that’s a big hit for someone buying a two hundred and fifty, three hundred thousand dollar home. Same hit as it would be on a multi-million dollar home that has a hundred thousand dollar roof. So it’s all relative, but that would be kind of what you would expect. It’s a big dollar. It’s a big ticket.

Shayla: And how long will my roof last in Portland?

Patrick: The average roof, you know we have three different types of roofs in Portland. We have the cement tile, we have the architectural asphalt shingle, and then we have the wood shake and shingles. So if we don’t take care of them, and you just let mother nature have their way, a tile roof will start having problems around the twentieth year, or start leaking. It will look just really bad, it will have a lot of growth on it. So about twenty years, you’ll start getting leaks, and leaks are what prompt people to have maintenance and then maintenance is what tells people, uh, the roof is shot, or no, we can simply get the junk off, do some repairs, and this can continue on the trail.

Asphalt shingles, they have all sorts of different weight material. They have shingles that will last twenty years in the Portland market, up to forty years in the Portland market, just depending on how thick of shingle and, again, if you do no maintenance, they start looking pretty nasty by ten years, and by fifteen, the moss has overgrown your facility and is causing you problems and may even force you to re-roof prematurely.

On the shake roofs, if you have a shake roof put on it’s going to look fabulous for five to eight years, and then the debris and moss move in. It starts looking pretty nasty by the tenth year, and if you leave it alone, it’ll rot out and you’ll be replacing it by the fifteenth, seventeenth year. Some places that don’t have debris and just have direct sun, you might get to twenty years, without any well care maintenance on it.

Shayla: Alright, so if you are moving into the Portland area and have questions about anything Patrick talked about today, give them a call. And you can always reach out to them for that real estate roof certification to make sure you know what kind of home and roof you are moving into. And again, if you have questions, reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon.

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