This episode is part one of a three-part series: “Re-Roofing With Daniel” in which he addresses some of the most common questions encountered when it comes to replacing your roof.

RoofLifeB016-131 Podcast Transcription: 

Shayla: You are listening today to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Daniel who is a roof specialist at Roof Life. And, Daniel, we are going to do a three-part series. Today is Part One: Re-Roofing with Daniel. So tell me why you need to look in my attic before you put on a roof?

Daniel: That’s a great question. We have clients who constantly say, “Why do you need to look in my attic. I don’t understand why you need to look in there. None of the other roofing contractors looked in there. That’s just weird.” What we say back is, “They didn’t look in your attic?” We say it because they should look in the attic. We go to training every year. We go to ventilation training. Air Vent, they’re a great company., you can look them up. They’ll go over all of what you need to do to make your home healthy. And that’s with the attic space and ventilation. And in that training, they talk about, get inside the attic, look at what’s going on inside there. Make sure it’s healthy. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Then do the top of the roof inspection and put all your stuff together to help the homeowner. Again, a lot of these roofers that don’t go in the attic are sitting in there next to us in the same training.

So let’s go forward to actually looking inside the attic. I had one where the homeowner just didn’t understand why I needed to look in the attic. So I got her to let me look inside the attic and it was shocking what I found in her particular house. So let’s start with the bathroom fans. Bathroom fans need to, when you turn on that little fan in your bathroom, they’re designed to get that moist, warm air out of the bathroom, take it out and get it outside. You take showers and things like that, that’s all that steam. Those fans are supposed to go outside.
We look at it time and time again where that pipe goes up and doesn’t go out the roof. It actually goes maybe two, three, four inches from the roof deck, and it’s just venting that steam into your attic. Don’t want that. Or they may have it up but they’ve got it going into the wrong vent. The other one we see is we’ll have an attic that is this massive, steep roof and this attic is huge. The bathroom fan is forty, fifty feet over here and they run this line that just goes forever, all the way up to a top vent. There’s no way that little fan is blowing that far. It’s not strong enough to do it. We can make those corrections if see them.

This lady had an even worse problem. Most of us have a vent over our oven, over our stove. That’s designed to get heat, moisture and the grease out of our home. Turn that fan on when you’re cooking, it all goes outside. This particular homeowner had a pipe coming out of her attic, it went right up from the deck of the roof, right up above the ceiling right above her head, it goes up and didn’t go anywhere. The vent was probably another four or five feet above it in the roof. So all that grease, for years and years, had been going up and into her attic and dropping down into the insulation. When I got around that, all the insulation’s greasy and nasty. That’s a fire hazard. It’s just not okay. So not only will we correct that pipe, put the correct vent, that insulation needs to come out.

So let’s go back. Why do you need to look inside our attic? Wouldn’t you want your roofers to know that before they roof? Most roofers that don’t look inside the attic won’t see that. They’ll tear off the roof, put a new roof back on and never address any of these issues, because they don’t know about them.

Shayla: So some very important information here today. If you have any questions about ventilation or why Roof Life of Oregon needs to get in your attic, you can reach out to them today. And please stay tuned for Part Two of Re-Roofing with Daniel.

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