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Podcast: Part of My Roof Is Failing- Do I Have To Replace The Whole Roof?

Posted March 11, 2017 by Daniel White

In this episode, we talk to Daniel about whether or not you have to replace the entire roof when only part of the roof is failing.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB020-168:

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Daniel today. Daniel, are there times when I may not have to replace my entire roof? Can I just replace parts of it at points?

Daniel: Yes, that’s actually a great question. You can do sections of your roof. You think, well, my roof is going bad, I’ve got this section. Let’s just tear off the whole thing. In the shake world, wood shakes, we’ve been doing this for years, because it’s a natural product and it was no big deal. The north, south and maybe the west sides still had ten, fifteen years, but the south side just took a beating and the shakes were coming apart. So we would replace just that one section, save the homeowner a lot of money. By the time that wears out again, it matches the rest of the roof. We can do that with composition also. We just had one recently where it’s that exact same thing with composition. The north, the south and the west side have moss growth and things like that. The south side has just taken a beating and the wind has ripped these things apart, depending on where the house is located.

And the homeowner said, “Do I replace my entire roof?” I said, “No, we can give you a quote for replacing the whole thing, or we can just replace just this side, get you another ten years on the rest of the roof and only do this one section.” You’ve already paid for the roof. You own the roof. Don’t keep pouring more money into something that you can keep going for much, much longer.

So we’re just going to tear off this one side, reroof it all together. The material is still made and that’s a big part of it also. Can we match the material? This product, same color, same everything. It’s going to be a little different, but at the transitions where the roofs meet, we’ll be able to blend that so it’s not that noticeable. Unless you’re really looking for it, you’re not going to see it. Now if it’s on the very front of the house and I’ve got one section bad, one section good, I wouldn’t do that, because it would scream at you from the street. But if it’s the back of the house, the side of the house, and I can make a good change in it, it might be the right option for you.

Shayla: So you may not have to replace your entire roof. That’s probably good news for a lot of our listeners. If you have any questions, please reach out to Daniel and the team at Roof Life of Oregon.

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