In this episode, we talk to Daniel about the different kinds of manufacturer recommendations when it comes to installation. There are right and wrong ways to do things, and while following guidelines is a good idea, making sure you get the job done right is the most important thing. Listen to find out more.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB020-167:

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Daniel today. Daniel, are there some things that the manufacturer may allow, but maybe shouldn’t do them just because they allow them?

Daniel: That’s actually a perfect statement. When they design roofs, they design them as a broad picture on how to make them work properly. But every state has its own environment. If you’re going to roof down in Texas, you may do it different. You’re going to roof out here, you’re going to do it, even just on the other side of the Cascade Mountains, they’ll do it different over there. We grow moss and green and slime and debris a lot of things out here. And so when a manufacturer says, well, we’re going to allow you to do this thing, it might not be right for our area.

So here’s a prime example of that. There’s a beautiful roof out there, it’s a composition roof, and it’s called a shake profile. It’s been around for a long time. So it’s compositions designed to look like shakes. That product is a presidential style of roof. It’s designed to look like wood shakes, but it’s composition. Now, when you put a regular composition roof together, you can do what’s call a closed cut valley. That’s when you take the shingles, you roll them from one roof section to another. You then take the next shingles and you slide down over the top and you trim them back. That words great. It’s about a fifteen year valley. With presidential style, with that shake style, that’s not a great thing to do because they’re such a thick shingle and they way they’re designed, you’re just asking for problems out here. And if you actually asked this manufacturer, what do you say? Well, we allow it, but we recommend against it. Well, that’s a big deal. If they recommend against it, maybe not do it. Just because you allow that to happen, maybe you go with what they recommend.
With that style of roof, I would recommend putting in a metal valley. And so talk to the roofing expert, talk to someone that’s putting on your roof. How are you going to put them together? What does the manufacturer recommend, not what they allow?

Shayla: And Roof Life of Oregon knows the answers to those questions. If you have some of those questions, please reach out to the team today.

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