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Podcast: Listen to Patrick’s Review of “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell

Posted April 25, 2018 by Patrick Morin
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In this episode, Patrick shares his takeaway from a book he’s been reading lately. We love sharing knowledge we gain from outside sources, especially when they can have a direct impact on what we do & who we interact with on a daily basis.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB032-218

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Patrick Morin today. Patrick, we want to change it up just a little bit and talk about a book that you recently read? Has it been awhile? Tell us this book and why you want to talk about it.

Patrick: Well, this is the book that I want to review today. It’s called “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell, and those of you who do a little bit of reading, you’ll know that he writes for the New York Times and he’s a phenomenal writer and he just said I’m going to go investigate things that people think about in a flash of their mind and I’m going to write a chapter on the things that people think about.

And so he has a collection of them that he wrote one after the other. They all are best-sellers. But the book “Blink” is interesting because the things that flash through your mind have paragraphs and paragraph and volumes of information behind it. And he says as I investigated the different things that happen in your life, everything has as set-up, and then the happening, and then it has the follow through.

And he says if people would consider, they can change anything that they want to by changing the set-up, and considering more intently the follow up. So he called it “Blink,” and I thought it was interesting because, he told the story of David and Goliath. And he just said, how did a little Hebrew take down a gigantic man that had conquered so many people, just killed so many people. And he goes and he tells the story of exactly how he did it and when you get done with the story, you go, “Well, of course he did it! That makes total sense.” But until you hear the prep, the action, and the follow through, it doesn’t make sense.

So we use this book a lot in our working with our clients, working with one another, working with well care of roofs or replacement of roofs with a lifetime workmanship warranty. And we try to connect it by giving them a pre, a current, and a follow through, because so many people get caught up in the current and they don’t see what’s coming and they don’t see what was. And when you consider those three things, life becomes more abundant.

And so we felt like it was a great book for everybody to read. In fact, we all read it. I bought a whole bunch of them. This one doesn’t look like it got read, but mine’s at home all marked up and I just love it. He’s a creative writer. He’s so intriguing. So just give yourself thirty minutes, because once you start reading a chapter, he tells stories and backs them up with amazing examples of things that we have all experienced, pulls you in. It’s very engaging. And you have a lot of “ah ha!” Wow. You end up going, man, that is so true. We’ve all been there. Malcolm Gladwell. The book’s called “Blink.” It’s a great read.

Shayla: Who do you think should read it, Patrick? Is it business owners? Is it for everyone?

Patrick: I think everybody. In fact, this is a great read for mom and dads trying to get perspective. Kids throw us off track so much. This would be great perspective book for mom and dads. Young entrepreneur, old. I think this is would be a great read. If you haven’t read it, this is my recommendation. You will not be the same after reading it.

Shayla: Alright, maybe we can check in every month or every few months and see what you’re reading. Does that sound good?

Patrick: You bet. Yeah, that’d be great.

Shayla: Check out “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell, under Patrick’s recommendation. And if you have any roof related questions, you can always reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Patrick.

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