In this episode, Daniel explains why some contractors offer to paint your pipe flashings, and why you should ask more questions.

Podcast Transcription – RoofLifeB015-124:

Shayla: Thank for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon Podcast. I’m talking today with Daniel who is a re-roof and maintenance roof consultant at Roof Life. And, Daniel, I want to talk about painting pipe flashings. Do you see any benefit? Does it help or hurt? What do you think?

Daniel: It’s going to look good right away. But after few years, it’s going to look like heck. It’s just not going to look good. Painting on a roof, even with, they have paint that’s designed for roofs. It’s called Roofer’s Paint, and there’s different names for it. It’s just not going to last. So if you have a metal flashing, let’s say a metal vent, made at the factory and baked on enamel, it’s going to last a long time. It’s going to look good. It’s eventually going to fade, but it’s going to fade with the rest of the roof. If you have a roofer that wants to make it all match, make it all look really pretty, and they try to paint a galvanized flashing that has a galvanized coating on there, the paint’s just not going to last.

Case-in-point, looked at a roof this week, it’s about a four or five year-old black roof. Roof looks great. Needs a little bit of maintenance, some moss preventative on it. But then as I’m walking across the roof, I noticed the pipe flashings that stick out of the roof called no-cauls. It’s piece of rubber that goes around the pipe and then there’s a metal galvanized flashing. It’s a silver color. They wanted to make it look nice so that from the ground, as you look up, it looks really pretty. The day it’s done it looks really good. You may get two years, maybe three years out of that paint. But now they look horrible. They look terrible. So all the paint’s peeling off of them, and now when you go to the ground, you see a nice black roof, you see a black pipe, rubber and then you see flakes of paint.

It may look good right now, but it’s not going to look good in the future. If you want to have a flashing that’s going to match the roof, that’s going to look good, you don’t have to worry about painting it, they make flashing for that, instead of trying to make something look nicer than it is. It’s called an ultimate pipe flashing and it’s a baked on enamel. It looks really nice when it’s put on. it’s going to last as long as the roof. It’s a better pipe flashing and it’s just not going to peel.

Shayla: So it kind of seems like painting is a short-term, cheap solution, correct?

Daniel: ┬áIt is. It’s a cheap solution to make it look nice. And we see roofers do it on other areas of the roof. They will take off a section of a roof and then it may meet a wall. So you’ve got a wall coming down, and the roof meets it like this. There’s a piece of metal that goes from the roof to the wall. They don’t want to replace that piece of metal. So they take the old metal, they bend it up, they do what they need to do, they bend the metal back down. Well, now the metal looks like heck. It’s all wavy, the paint is chipped off from the original paint job. So they bend it back down, they screw it on and then they paint it. And, again, if it’s not done at the factory and it’s done with a rattle can, it’s just not going to last. It just looks nasty. Just replace the metal, put a brand new one on there or let the galvanized stand.

Shayla: Alright, if you guys have any questions about that, be sure to reach out to Daniel and the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Daniel.

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