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Podcast: Is Longevity The Main Concern When I Look For A New Roof?

Posted September 3, 2016 by Jerry Becker
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In this episode, Jerry discusses what to look for when replacing the roof on a new home.

Transcription: RoofLife014-114 

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon Podcast, and I’m talking with Jerry today who is a roof consultant at Roof Life. And, Jerry, if I’m getting a roof, I just moved into my home, how long do I need to invest in my roof? Do I go for a fifty year roof, a thirty year roof, how do you even begin to answer that question?

Jerry: That’s a very hard question to ask. It is, because nobody ever knows how long that they are going to live in their house. Some people are going to say, I’m going to live here fifty years, or I’m going to be a life-timer, or I’m going to be here for five years. That’s going to be based on life, because there are people that say, I’m never going to move, and then one year later, they have to move. They’re trying to budget and they’re trying to figure out what they’re going to spend on their roof and how long they want their roof to last. So here’s what I tell people: how long you live there is important, but don’t let it rule how long, or expensive your roof is going to be. Don’t let it rule how long your roof is going to last. We have clients that buy new homes, and they’ve moved into homes thinking that this roof was perfect, it was brand new, it’s only a couple years old. And, sadly, the roof started leaking very shortly after they’ve moved in. The biggest reason is the person before them chose a contractor that just did not put on a quality roof, because it was a low-cost roof, it was fast, they wanted to burn and churn and sell that house. A lot of our clients, they want the next person to have a great roof, along with you, you want a great roof. You don’t want it to leak. So don’t worry about what longevity you want out of your roof. Pick a roof that’s going to work for you today, because even if you have plans to sell in a year, you may stay there for ten. If you have plan on staying there for fifty, you may be there for one.

Shayla: It adds value to your home, too. When you’re selling it, even if you put on a fifty year roof and you’re there for a year, at least you’ve got added value to your home, right?

Jerry: Yeah, that’s right. So just don’t get too caught up in how long you’re going to be there. You never know. I have a lot of clients that say, I was planning on moving out of this house in the first five years, but we’re here twenty years later because life happened. So just purchase the roof, buy the product that looks good to you, that works within your budget, and don’t worry about how long you’re going to live there. Is it a concern? Yes, don’t ignore it, but don’t let that rule what you’re going to do.

Shayla: If you have any questions about this topic and want to reach out to Jerry, he’s there to talk to you and kind of figure out what it is that you do want out of your roof, and if you have any questions, they’re here for you. Thank you so much, Jerry.

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