In this episode, Daniel discusses why your general handyman should not also do your roof work. The reasons might surprise you.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB018-150:

Shayla: Thanks for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I have the pleasure of speaking with Daniel today. And, Daniel, if someone is a handyman and kind of good at fixing things around the house, does that mean I could use him to fix my roof?

Daniel: Not necessarily. I know that’s kind of a vague answer. I’ve met handymen that are great. They know exactly what to do. They may have come from the roofing field, so they know what they’re doing. Then I’ve been to the nightmare handyman where the guy may know electricity really well or know plumbing really well, but the guy shouldn’t set foot on a roof. Case and point, I had a skylight that was leaking like crazy and this was a handyman fix. Now, I love them. Those guys have got a purpose and there’s some things they have, but they should stick in their wheelhouse. We’re roofers. We stick to our wheelhouse. We don’t do electricity or plumbing. We do roofing.

So this one was a homeowner that hired a handyman to install, actually cut in, frame in, and install a skylight. And he took what’s called a curb skylight, it sits on two by fours, or two by sixes, it’s all flashed in with metal and waterproofed in and then the skylight sits on top. He took this thing and rather than using a two by four or a two by six, he used like a little piece of one by, sat it all the way down to the roof deck, didn’t flash it in correctly, and then when it was all done, realized it wasn’t going to work, so he added mastic and just tar all around the edges and it worked for a few years and then it started leaking.

He’s the unfortunate part: the homeowner didn’t know it was leaking. So it leaked for a long time and it completely rotted all the wood down underneath. So I get out there, after they finally see the leaking on the inside, I climb up and I almost fall through the roof on the top and I said, “um, that skylight looks like it was an after mark.” She said, “yeah, we had the handyman kind of put that in a few years ago.” I said, “well, it’s done really bad and now we have to take it off, take all the wood apart, redo that entire section and put a new one on.” And the cost for that was three to four times what it would’ve been to just have a roofer put that in the proper way.

Shayla: I hear that a lot from you guys. It seems like it’s so much more worth it for the homeowner to just have you guys do it right the first time.

Daniel: That’s correct. That’s what we do. We work on roofs. Maybe if you’re going to have a handyman work on it, find out what his background is in that handyman. Where did you come from? Were you a dry-waller? Were you a plumber? That’s what you do. When it comes to something that’s on the outside of your house that let’s all the water into your house. Portland, Oregon, we get tons of water here. Make sure that’s correct. That’s like having a handyman work on gas lines in your house. Does the guy have the capability to work on a natural gas line? Is he licensed to do that?

I don’t want my house to blow up. There are specific trades that you need to be really good at, not just a jack of all trades. You need to be professional at that specific thing, and roofing is what we do.

Shayla: Call the professionals at Roof Life of Oregon for something as big of an investment as your roof. If you have any questions, reach out to the team today. If you have any questions, reach out to the team today. Thanks, Daniel.

Daniel: Thank you. 

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