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Podcast: How Our Roof Certifications Are Truly Informative & Helpful

Posted April 21, 2018 by Patrick Morin
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In this episode, Patrick talks about how informative and helpful a roof certification can be for any homeowner, whether they’re looking to buy or sell, especially when it comes to high-end homes.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB032-217

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Patrick Morin today. Patrick, we’ve been talking in the past couple podcasts about roof certifications from Roof Life of Oregon. Tell me about kind of the higher end homes that you certify and how knowledge can really, really be power?

Patrick: Oh, for sure. We have high end homes turn over in real estate too. They don’t do it as quickly as the starter homes and the first move-up homes, but they are every bit as important. Lots of times you’ll get a request for Roof Life to go out and do a roof certification for a real estate transaction and the report comes back to the seller and they find out that there may be three, five, six, or ten thousand dollars worth of work. And the one roof that we certified over in an area called Dunthorpe was a 1.2 million dollar home and the roof was black as the ace of spades, not maintained at all. It was a twelve year old really nice shake, but it was making the home just look trashy and it wasn’t certifiable, and so what we did is we went in there and I presented a solution to get the roof to be certifiable. So that any buyers that come will look at the home and go, “Oh, this roof is already certified five years for Roof Life of Oregon.” It took about ten thousand dollars to get this roof certifiable, but it’s eighty-nine thousand dollar roof. So he was either going to have to sell the home with an un-certifiable roof and take an eighty-nine thousand dollar deduct or spend ten thousand and a three hundred dollar, well, actually three hundred applied to it, so spend ten thousand dollars and then have an eighty-nine thousand certified dollar roof. So it really played into the seller’s best interest. He came seven-nine thousand dollars to the good.

We had another one where the homeowners were living in Michigan. They had come to West Linn, bought one of the street of dreams homes that was built here twenty years ago, has a super heavy shake roof on it. And it had been repaired improperly. They had guys walk all over their dormers, their copper dormers in their cork cleats and had poked holes in the roofing and they were having leaks everywhere. And they couldn’t get anybody to fix it right. We went out there and we looked at it, we assessed it, and fourteen thousand dollars later, this a hundred and twenty thousand dollar roof, we had a roof that’s now certifiable, it’s absolutely beautiful, and if you look at the dollar, they’re going to walk away with a hundred thousand dollars to the good, because they hired Roof Life of Oregon for three hundred to go out and get this massive roof certified. It did take quite a bit to do it, but not compared to its overall value.

So when you have a home that you want to put on the market, and it has some age to it, call Roof Life of Oregon. We’ll come out, we’ll do an inspection, and if it can be certified, we’ll tell you what it will take to be certifiable. If it can’t be certified, we’ll tell you what it takes to replace it. That way you’ll have all the knowledge you need that will empower you to make your best deal on moving forward. You’ll just have the correct facts. And that’s what Roof Life of Oregon brings to the table. We’re qualified in the fact that for thirty-five years, going on thirty-six years, we have been looking and working on roofs put on by everybody else in Portland and we know how to put this thing together so that you can sell your home for it’s greatest value.

Shayla: Either way, that knowledge is going to serve you in your real estate transaction and help you make the best decision for you, your home, and your future equity, so if you have any questions about anything Patrick talked about today. Reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Patrick.

Patrick: You bet.

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