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Podcast: How Our Real Estate Roof Certifications Really Help Homeowners

Posted December 30, 2017 by Patrick Morin

In this episode, Patrick lends more insight into how Real Estate Roof Certifications really help homeowners.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB030-209

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking to Patrick Morin. What are some of the ways that you can help homeowners with real estate roof certification?

Patrick: I think that one of the biggest things that a roof certification helps a homeowner with when they’re in either of the selling position or the buying position, it brings the whole deal right to the table so that there aren’t any mysteries that are going to kill your deal at the very end. Most lenders require a five year certification on the roof and you don’t, you might get it past the buyer or the seller and their realtor and you might get it passed, you know the title company, but when it comes to the very end where it needs to be funded, that certification needs to be in your packet. I’ve run into lots of deals where it’s gone all the way and they call me and they said “my house won’t close until I have this certification.” So knowledge of how the roof is, that it will last and not be leaking for five years is a big deal to the people funding it.

And I would go on to say,, if you are in a cash position maybe you’re downsizing and you’re coming into a home that you’re going to buy it all cash, please always do a roof certification. It just saves you hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and in a couple of cases,  I think I shared a story a couple months ago of the guy in Hubbard. Hubbard is an area here in the Portland metro area that has,, it’s a historical town and so everybody is coming there and they’re buying and redoing the homes as they were when they were originally founded. And this guy found this beautiful, amazing property and had this cedar shingle roof on it, and it looks from the ground just absolutely amazing.

And he went ahead and bought it for well over a million dollars and then he thought, well, I’m going to keep this roof nice so I’m going to call Roof Life of Oregon, and I’m going to have them come out and well care it for me. And we went out there and the shingles that were put on his roof were missed nailed, they were overdriven, so they were all the way through the shingle. They were nailed to high. And what basically was happening is if you walked on this roof,, the shingles were coming out of place they were sliding down the roof. After we went back out and inspected what was going on, we had to tell him that his hundred and fifty thousand dollar roof that he just purchased this property with a dream needs to be replaced. And that any, in the next few big wins,  his roof was going to be all over the neighbor’s yard. And he said, “Wow, I can’t deal with this. I’ve got too many other things that need to happen on this property for me to be dealing with the roof.” And that’s an example of we can just take something off your checklist. For example, if that young buyer would have called us and we would have gone out to that roof, we would have found those issues and he could have negotiated a brand new roof on his property and either walked from the deal, or got the roof that was put on incorrectly, he would have got a deduction and gone ahead made the purchase.

Either way it would have been a win win for the buyer. So this was an extreme case, but there’s other cases where you have a home that’s 15 years old, in its normal wear and tear all the pipe flashings are worn out. You have perhaps gutters that are sagging on the house. That happens with age. You have some ridge caps, the very top of the roofline, that are just worn out because they get all the weather 24/7. Birds land on them you know and they get some ridge caps that are worn out, some caulking has come off of the fasteners that are holding your transition metals. Maybe a skylight has lost its seals or the metal frames are coming apart and the seals are coming out of the aluminum frame where the glass is seated, and you might have five hundred to  twenty five hundred dollars worth of fixes to get your roof to be totally certified, all you need is five years, and then you bring your home to market and say “Ta-da!” I have my roof certified.

It’s a moot point. Here’s what I’m asking for my home. And it makes your deal go through smoothly. Let’s say that the homeowner decides Well, I don’t want to know that. I don’t want to know all those things that are age related on my roof. So you bring your home to market. You find a buyer that heart goes pitter patter when they see the home and they love the layout of your home. They love the school district, the curb appeal. And then you get into inspections and the buyer, the inspector finds all of these issues. Now that buyer is in a situation where other deals are coming on the market, competing with the deal they have in front of them, and you have a very good chance of losing your deal because you didn’t have your ducks in a row.

We are in Oregon, so we have ducks and beavers here, so you don’t have all your ducks in a row and so you lose your deal. And in real estate, a buyer and timing is the whole thing. So we can help on the little things, you know five hundred twenty five hundred dollar fixes, to big, huge roof mis-installations that are hundreds of thousands. So either way, a roof inspection and a roof certification when you’re going to market in the real estate world is a really good thing for you as a buyer and you as a seller. This concept has caught on to the point everybody, it wants to do it.

We put a three hundred dollar fee for us to come out there within 24 hours. And we do the certification for you, because you know time is of the essence. And then if you want any of the work done,, you’re going to get the information about your roof for the three hundred dollars, if you end up wanting Roof Life of Oregon to do those corrections and to offer the certification, then you can apply that three hundred dollars towards any of the work. So 300 dollars just for knowledge only so you have in your mind what you’re dealing with. And then if you decide to do it, the 300 is credited back. So it’s a zero. It ends up being a zero cost to you.

Shayla : All right if you have any questions about the real estate roof certification reach out to Patrick and the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Patrick.

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