In this episode, Shayla sits down with Jerry to discuss the exclusive new features of our roof replacement program. It’s been almost three years in the making and we’ve been using it with clients since this spring and having great success. Find out more in this week’s podcast.

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Shayla: Thanks for listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Jerry. Jerry, when it comes to a re-roof for a client, what makes your process at Roof Life of Oregon so much different than how everyone else in your area is doing it?

Jerry: Full disclosure. Simple words. When we sit down with you, when we come to your home, we are going to get all the measurements and everything for your house, obviously. Every roofing company does that, because that’s the only way you can get a proper bid, is by getting all the lineals is what we call them, your measurements.

But the thing that really sets us apart is over the last three years, Roof Life of Oregon has put a lot of time, energy, and money into developing a software program that allows you to sit down with me and really, fully understand what’s going into your roof. The best way I can describe this to people, it’s kind of like if you’ve ever built a car online, your dream car. You get to go in and select all the components and there’s a price associated with it and at the very end you get this price and either you like it or you don’t and you go back and you adjust things and the same process basically with the roof.
So when I’m sitting down with you, we’re going to go through every detail, that way you don’t just get a laundry list of, yeah, this is what’s going into your roof, you understand what de-metal is, right? And you hope that you’re making a good decision based on information that you have no idea what any of it is, where all of those components are. So when we are going through it with you, we’re not dumbing it down. We’re just putting it into a language that both people can understand. That way we are on the same page and you make the correct decision for this massive investment that you’re about to make.

So to be more specific, let’s talking about the roofing components itself. The actual shingle that you see on your house. There are probably right around fifty different styles and components, and manufacturers of roofing that you can choose between. And what we do is we break it down by groups. So when we sit down with you, one of the first things I’m going to ask you is how long do you plan on living here? How much maintenance do you want on your house? What do you want your house to look like when it’s completed? And based on those answers, there’s a little tab that will open up that will have that specific style of roof and that group of roofs, and then we’ll break it down just a little bit more from there, based on price, longevity and performance. And then from there, you get to pick what you want. It gives you the power to make a decision on what your roof is going to cost.

It’s not going to be, hey, this is your price. Take it or leave it. You take ownership of that price, because you picked out the components, you created the roof. That is the price that you have selected and chose. Does that make sense?

Shayla: Yeah, it does, what I’m wondering is when do they get to decide, if they get their bid and they decide that’s a few thousand dollars over my budget, do they get to meet with you again and choose different components? How does that work?

Jerry: Well, that’s the cool part about it. We’re actually sitting down with you and going through this process with you. Most of the time, you just get a bid emailed to you with a laundry list, grocery list, if you will. With us, you do it real time with us. So when you get down to the very bottom and you see the price of your roof and you see, you know what, that’s a little bit more than I wanted to do, we can go back right then and there instantly and adjust things accordingly. It’s like, I really didn’t need the high profile ridge, the decorative piece on the top of the house. Low profile will work just fine, and that saves me about a thousand bucks. That works within with my budget. That’s perfect. Therefore, you get the roof that you want, and you get to use the company that you want that you know is going to put it on correctly. So that’s what’s really cool about the program. It’s instant.
If it’s too cheap at the end, you can say, well, I planned to spend a little bit more. This was what my budget was, so how about we do an extra nice piece of metal here, or let’s do something fancy over there. It gives you that freedom to choose. And it’s not just a good, better, best, take it or leave, because typically, on good, better, best, there are components on each on that you like and dislike, but they never all mesh together. The way ours work is it’s a complete mesh. It all works based on what you want.

Shayla: You mentioned maintenance earlier and how you can sort of give the homeowner an idea of how much maintenance for specific components or shingles will cost in the future. I feel like if someone just gives you a laundry list and bid, you’re probably not getting from most companies.

Jerry: That’s correct. When it comes to maintenance, since we primarily do maintenance, that is our specialty, when we go to your home, we’re going to look at your canopy, we’re going to look at your environment, and we are going to help you not pick a shingle that is going to be super high in maintenance. For instance, if you live in a ton of trees, I really do not want to sell you a roof that’s going to require a ton of maintenance like an asphalt shingle, because of the moss. You’ll just be cleaning constantly. You’ll never have that feeling of a new roof, because it will always be dirty. And that’s why I ask about the maintenance and how much maintenance you want. Some people hate maintenance, they really do, and I don’t blame them. And there are roofing components, there are shingles out there that are virtually maintenance free. Yes, there’s a price associated with them, but you don’t have maintenance, and that’s where the program is nice in sitting down with your roofer is you’re talking to an actual roofer who has done it. Everybody at Roof Life has lived it and breathed it, so you know that we are going to guide you into the direction that’s going to benefit you and your home.
Shayla: Okay, so if you are in the market for a new roof, make sure you reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon. They can walk you through that entire process so you know exactly you’re getting. If you have any more questions for Jerry and the team at Roof Life of Oregon, reach out to the team today.

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