In this episode, Patrick gives additional insight into why Roof Life of Oregon’s Lifetime Workmanship Warranty is so unique and special- especially in a market like the Portland Metro. Contractors come and go, but Roof Life of Oregon isn’t going anywhere, and neither is your roof warranty. We stand behind every roof we install.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB022-175:

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Patrick Morin today. Patrick, why does Roof Life of Oregon provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on all the roofs that you install?

Patrick: People ask us all the time, because we are the only company in Portland that has a lifetime workmanship warranty on our work. So when we remove your old roof, and we put on a new roof, you get a lifetime workmanship warranty and people say, “What does that mean, exactly?

So let’s go back on step. We take care of 11,000 roofs put on by everybody else. Unfortunately, most of the roofs of those 11,000 were put on by builders in large building tracks and the initial decision is, we want them to roof and be fast and for this price point and in order to do that, in many cases, high percentage, ninety-plus percent of the time, you’ve got to pay people by the square, by the ten by ten area, and then pay them after the 10th of the month. That’s how the majority of the roofs are put on is by what are called “piece work” workers and they go as fast as they can go is the only way they’re going to make money.

There is no standard or quality check. There’s nobody up there making sure they’re doing it right. They are going fast, because they get paid by the square. Every ten by ten area, they get $24. And so how fast do you think they’re going to do that? We have lots of things that we have found; how valleys are done, how transition metals are done, how skylights, all the curbs of where the skylights go on, how chimneys are flashed. All of these details we see over and over again and if we’re serving 11,000, we’ve looked at 60,000 roofs to serve 11,000 clients. So we’ve seen a lot of roofs. We’re seeing this workmanship that’s going on. So when we decided to do a lifetime workmanship warranty, we said, what can we do that would match the manufacturer’s expectations and the homeowners’ expectations? And we came up with this plan that we’re going to match the components. So when we take off your old roof, we’re down to plywood, or if it’s a shake roof, it’s skipped sheeting. If you have plywood already down, we’re going to go ahead and re-space all of your plywood. We’re going to recut in the eight inch gap within the plywood, because plywood expands and contracts with moisture. Then we’re going to re-nail your entire deck. We’re going re-nail it because everything is loose. It’s been up there for twenty or thirty years. It’s just hanging on because it has spikes through it. Well, we’re going to re-nail it down tight to your home. So re-space and re-nailed before we put down anything. Nobody does that in Portland. That’s why we’re the only one with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Next thing we do is we put down an underlayment that’s fiberglass reinforced. It doesn’t wrinkle in moisture and it allows moisture to travel through it from your home and we put that down everywhere. In the valleys, inside corners are called valleys, outside corners are called hips. On valleys and hips, we put ice and water shield, because when we get that wind, mixed with all this rain we’ve been having here this 2016-17 or the wind driven sleet, the places where that’s going to get in are the places where your inside and outside corners- you’re going to have ice dams on the inside corners, you’re going to have wind blown rain and snow on the outside corners. We protect those with an ice and water shield.
And it continues on. All of our guys at Roof Life are paid by the hour and they’re managed. Each crew has a crew chief. And each crew is visited every day by our production manager. And we have quality assurance happening every single day of the roof. When you have a regulator on every gun, it doesn’t matter if you have five of you nailing or one of you nailing, it always gets the correct set, where it’s supposed to go. That’s the number one cause that we’re finding of these shingles that are flying off and finding a leak is because there’s a nail not put in the right spot. So we make that the guys are paid by the house, they’re managed. We’re not fast. Once we start your job, we don’t leave til we’re done, but we’re not Speedy Gonzales. ¬†We are expeditiously putting your roof on the correct way so that you have a long term peace of mind.
When you go to sell, and they hire someone like me to do a real estate certification, it’s going to pass in five, ten, fifteen, twenty years. You’re not going to get a failure like I fail roofs all the time and say, “I’m sorry. I can’t certify this roof. It wasn’t put on correctly.” “What?! That thing’s been on there fifteen years.” Yeah, but you’re asking me to certify a roof that was put on incorrectly. The fact that it’s been up there and not leaked is just a miracle. I can’t explain, but I can’t certify it. So you don’t that to happen when you’re done living in the house that you’re out. You want to go boom, certified and move on. Full value, no ding for the roof.

So there’s a lifetime workmanship on the chimneys, on the skylights, on every bit of metal that’s up on the roof, the vent. Why doesn’t everybody take care of it to code? Because it costs more or they don’t want to go to class and get certified. Every one of our technicians and consultants have been to the class, they’re certified venting experts. We have our little certificate on our wall. But it’s just a two or three hour class. It’s not a big deal, but then take that knowledge and actually do it.

There’s another reason why we have a lifetime workmanship warranty. Your roof is breathing. Your roof and attic space that’s right above where you live and raise your family is healthy. It’s unhealthy. It’s healthy, it’s breathing, air is moving through it whether it’s hot or cold. Where your heated environment meets the air, moisture is formed. It’s either going to get carried out or drop onto your insulation. 2% increase in humidity in an attic drops your insulation value by 30%. It’s a big deal. Other people minimize it. I don’t know why, but there’s another reason why we can give a lifetime workmanship warranty. Your life is balanced and healthy and it can handle this winter that Oregon gave us this 2016/2017. We put as much thought and research, continually, as products become available and methods become available of putting your together as the billion dollar companies that are making the product. I know they plan and strategize and engineer and design and test their products. I know they do. Well, the installers and the contractors like us, they need to do the same thing. They need to put as much care and concern into putting the products on as was in designing and testing the products to be made. And if those two meet together, I think the crossroads is Roof Life of Oregon for Portland. And I think if you get your roof put on at the crossroads where quality, service, reliability, dependability, and just care and concern meet, you’re going to get the best roof in Portland. And we’re only 8 to 10 percent over the cost to do it. It’s a great roof, it’s a great service, and that’s what we do at Roof Life.

Shayla: Alright, so if you want to know more about the workmanship warranty or the type of roof you will get from Roof Life of Oregon, reach out to the team. You can find them at or just give them a call.

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