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Podcast: How Does RoofLife’s Pricing Work?

Posted February 1, 2017 by Jerry Becker
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In this episode, Jerry discusses how we’ve built our pricing system to be fair and equitable for every customer. We never have sales or give discounts, because we’ve priced our projects to deliver the best quality products and workmanship. It’s pretty open-book. Listen to find out more.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB019-157

Shayla: Welcome to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking today with Jerry. And, Jerry, how does pricing work at Roof Life? I mean, are there set prices or is it changing all the time?

Jerry: It’s set prices. We keep it fair for everybody. We want to make sure that when you sit down with us, you understand, 100%, what is actually going to be your cost. We openly tell people our profit margin is 8%. That’s what we take home at the end of the day. So you know when you sit down with us for your roof, and it’s a fifty thousand dollar roof, you know that we’re taking eight percent. But everything is set. We want you to be able to have the option of determining the price and making a decision on what you want to do. And at the very end, if you don’t like the price, the cool thing is you can go back and say, “You know what, let’s change this item.” So, yes, it’s very predictable. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in. Everything’s open book pricing, right in front of you. So when we’re sitting down, you’re going to see every single number, regardless of what material you pick, regardless of what item we’re looking at, it is all 100% transparent. That way you know you are getting a fair and honest price.

Shayla: I think that’s pretty cool, Jerry. So when they are sitting down with you, they can, at the very end, say, “oh, that’s a little bit over my budget.” And they can actually take and change individual components. Is that right?

Jerry: You bet. It’s almost like buying a car. It really is. Have you ever gone on the internet and built your dream car? A lot of guys build their dream roofs and then they see the price at the end and reality slaps them in the face and they’re like, eh, let’s go back a little bit. So that’s very common. I have a lot of clients that say they’re going to go with the CCA 3 quarter inch shake roof and this is going to be the most beautiful roof in the world and they see the price and they go, “How about an architectural roof? How does that work?” So it’s awesome. I like it. It’s fun seeing people make decisions on what they want for their roof, on what they want for their home. It’s cool. I like it.

Shayla: So if you want to get a no obligation roof replacement estimate, all you have to do is go to There you’ll find the information you need to do that. Thanks, Jerry.

Jerry: You bet.

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