In this episode Jerry answers a common question our clients ask us: “You did my neighbor’s roof for $X-amount. How come my roof costs more?” He has a great answer for you.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB026-189

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Jerry today. Jerry, why might my roof be quoted from Roof Life of Oregon so much higher than my neighbor’s roof?

Jerry: I get that question a lot. Actually, two weeks ago, we had a client that I was sitting down with and they live in a ranch-style house, so it’s one level. And their roof size is right around 2,500 sq. ft. And when we got done going through the process, she picked out all the components for her roof and she got basically the exact same thing, the exact same components, that her neighbor got. But the roof that she had quoted was almost the exact same price as what her neighbor’s was. Now, a lot of people are like, okay, so that’s no big deal. It coincides with what everyone says. But then she follows it up and is like, but my neighbor’s house is twice the size of mine. So why is mine so expensive, compared to theirs?

So I look over at the house, and I look over at hers. And I said, so they have two level house. So a two level house naturally looks bigger. And so I said, well, watch this. And so the cool thing about the technology that we have now, we can pretty much check everything out instantly. So we have an app, simple thing, everyone has it, Google Earth. I zoom down on the two houses. And they’re side by side. Even though her neighbor’s house has twice the square footage as what she did, their roof sizes were almost identical. So a lot of people get really confused and they assume big house, big roof. But in reality, it’s the same foot print, just two level. And once she saw that, she was like, alright, I get it, I understand that now. And that’s where a lot of confusion comes from clients.
They’re not really comparing apples to apples. They don’t realize that the two stories just appears bigger. It’s not really bigger. We’re all about the roof size and we’re only going to quote the size roof you have.

Shayla: What are some other reasons that my roof may be more expensive than my neighbor’s, other than just square footage?

Jerry: Good question – because everything is getting done, the roof we’re quoting you. I know that sounds really weird and stupid, but it’s the truth. When I looked at the neighbor’s house, same deal. When I looked at the neighbor’s house, she couldn’t understand, okay, so why is this so much more expensive? I’m still not getting why this is more than my neighbor’s is. And then when you start looking at all the details, one thing I noticed on the neighbor’s house is there’s flashing, it’s metal pieces that go wherever a roof or a wall meets a roof, and there’s a piece of metal that goes right there and connects the two. The old house, that the neighbor had done, they didn’t replace any of it. They left all the existing metal in there. When we put a new roof on, we use new metal. We don’t use the old metal that’s already on your roof. That’s like buying a brand new car and putting the old engine into it. It makes no sense what so ever. So when you start thin slicing these roofs and start really comparing apples to apples, you’ll notice that a Roof Life roof is doing a lot more. We’re dotting every i, crossing every t. Yes, it appears to be more expensive up front. In the long run, it’s way cheaper.

The other thing that this client was missing? They had zero ventilation. None. So that twenty thousand dollar roof that was just put on the neighbor’s house doesn’t even have a manufacturer warranty and is going to fail at twenty years. That’s a fact. You can go online and look at the national roofing information and you’re going to see those exact facts that ventilation is the number one killer for roofs. So twenty thousand dollar roof that they spent, they’re going to do it again in twenty years, while the neighbor that got it done right is going to last one to two times longer than his neighbor’s, almost the exact same price, but only done right.

Shayla: And I would assume putting ventilation in right the first time is more cost effective than re-doing the ventilation ten years down the road. Is that right?

Jerry: Oh, hands down. Hands down. There’s a couple factors that go into that. One, if you do the ventilation during the project, you’re three thousand dollars to really do the ventilation to manufacturer’s specs, most of the time. If we go in to retrofit ventilation, it’s five thousand plus dollars. The other taxing thing that you have is all that money that you’re spending in energy, and HVAC, and air conditioning to keep up with your house, that you don’t really feel it because it’s just slowly bleeding out of your wallet. Doing ventilation after the fact is way more expensive than doing it right from the very get-go.
So when you’re looking at all these bids, just make sure that you are doing everything that needs to be done. Have the roofer sit down with you and go through all the details. Compare our bids to everybody else. We want you to do your research. I don’t envy you, because you have a very hard decision. You have to decide who’s going to do the best roof and spend a lot of money to get it done and so you don’t want to make a mistake. By having the roofer sit down with you, going through the details, and you being educated on knowing what needs to go in there, is going to give you a better chance for a successful roofing project.

Shayla: And if you have any questions about anything Jerry talked about today, you know all you have to do is reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Jerry.

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