In this episode, Tim lets homeowners know how something as simple as having a good landscaper or arborist can prolong the life of your roof.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB028-200

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Tim today. Tim, why might we want to get our landscaper involved in the health of our roof? How do those two things go together?

Tim: Well, one of the things that really promotes moss growth is tree debris falling on the roof and the tree debris falls on there and as it decays it just makes a flowerbed for the moss to grown in and the moss spores live in trees, so they naturally fall on the roof. So by keeping your landscape up and cutting the trees back so they’re not hanging over the roof, it’ll slow the process down and integrating that with keeping the landscape looking good, maybe an arborist to trim the trees back.

Another thing that happens on shake roofs, I was on one yesterday, that a squirrel had eaten a hole probably about three inches in diameter, all the way down to the felt paper. And when you let the trees grow up really close to the house like that, the squirrels just climb the tree and hop over on to the roof and so they’re up and down and that’s one of things that’s very common with cedar roofs that we see that squirrels eat holes on them.

Shayla: So if someone doesn’t follow that advice and there’s tree debris all over their home, what can go wrong on the roof?

Tim: In the case of cedar, it just keeps the wood wet all the time so it’s like a log laying out in the woods, covered with moss and leaves all over it. It just rots it away. So when the debris is off the roof, the cedar can dry out every time we get a few dry days and it really extends the life on it.

Same with a composition roof. The acidity of all the debris that’s on top of the roof just adds to the decay of the asphalt and also makes dams on the roof so when the water, instead of flowing off like it should, the water dams up there. And shingles aren’t made to hold the water like a bowl. They’re made to deflect it and let it run down.

Shayla: Along that same vein, if someone has let the debris build up, is there something that Roof Life of Oregon can do to help clear that off?

Tim: Well, that’s our specialty is maintenance. Shake roofs we blow it off with compressed air. We don’t ever pressure watch a cedar shake. On the composition roofs, we can either blow it off or wash it off and with our moss prevention process we wash it all off and then come back and coat the whole roof with a liquid treatment that hardens on there and changes the pH so the moss can’t grow back.

Shayla: During a well care check, will you guys kind of advice about what trees need to be trimmed back?

Tim: Yes, we do that. When we’re doing a well care check-up on the roof, we take video and one of the things that we do is a walk around and we’re maybe doing a little panoramic from the top of the roof and show where trees are over-hanging and a lot of times clients don’t realize that. They never really look at it from that perspective so the video is a great thing that goes with our well care check-ups. It gives a total new perspective. Most people don’t even go on their roofs, so very helpful.

Shayla: So if you haven’t taken a walk around your home lately, go ahead and do that. Look up and look at your tree overhang and if you have any questions about anything Tim talked about today, make sure you reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon for your well care check-up.

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