In this episode, Patrick offers some helpful tips to help homeowners navigate remodeling when it comes to roofing, additions, and skylights. Average contractors will cut corners on things you won’t see and you’ll pay for it later. Make sure you’re asking the right questions!

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Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Patrick Morin today. Patrick, when it comes to remodels, you said sometimes when you go out you discover that there are updates that can be made that the homeowner didn’t initially know about. Can you touch a little bit on that?

Patrick: Lots of times when we go out, we know which parts of the home have been remodeled because the remodelers like to use the deck-mounted skylights. And you can use deck-mounted skylights in lots of arenas, but if you have a heavy shake or any kind of material like a Decra stone-coated metal roof or tile, you really should request that the builder put a curb in so that you get up above the roofing material at least a couple inches. And then you can put a skylight top on the curb. The curb would need to be flashed into the roofing.

Deck-mounted have a very low profile. The inside of them is already pre-finished, so remodelers like to use those deck-mounted, because it saves them time. They just order a skylight, cut a hole, per specs and put it in there, and wa la! It’s done. Whereas a curb-mounted skylight, you’re going to have to finish the inside of the curb. So it would be like eight inches of shaft that goes up to get above the roofing, but it’s a better system than using deck-mounted material.

So FYI to you homeowners that are doing remodels, request curb-mounted skylights, instead of deck-mounted, and have them finish the inside along with your kitchen, or living room, or bathroom.

In addition to that, we get calls out, for example, Mr. Tom. Tom had a front porch that many, many years ago they had put a metal roof and they had riveted it and welded it, soldered it and all these joints, and over the years, the sun works metal, expands and contraction and it had been leaking a little bit, a little bit, a little bit. And what had happened is it had rotted out his entire front porch. His front entry to this grand home of his is about two hundred square feet, it’s big. It’s a big entry. And it had this slight arch to it and some cute architectural finishes and then his house was stucco.

So when he wanted to get the porch fixed, because it finally started showing that it was rotten, he had to have a stucco guy come out, cut open the wall, and they discovered that it had been leaking all these years. So John was looking for a better solution than re-soldering and riveting a metal roof. And they’ve come out with products now here recently that would better serve a homeowner with a slight arch called a TPO product. It’s a very soft, rubberized, super-tough membrane, either in gray or white and the whole thing can be prepped and then it goes right over the top and gets adhered down to your smooth board that we put down and it actually has a twenty-year manufacturer warranty.

So you have one full membrane, no seams, and nothing to fail and it’s a non-visible roof. The windows up above on the house are just decorative to let light into the big entry. There’s no one can see and look down and go, oh, that’s white or gray. You don’t have to have the pewter, copper turns that patina. This is a non-visible, high functioning roof. So a TPO product looked really well in there. So I just had the stucco guy cut the stucco a foot so we can get our membrane up the wall, then he’ll come back and put in the stucco and he’ll have a twenty-year solution. So lots of things we find in remodels that as the industry progresses, they come up with better, long-lasting, less expensive solutions and I gave you two of them today. Always ask for curb-mounted skylights, and then look for solutions for flatter, architectural roofs that don’t necessarily have to have a metal worker come out and do specialty solders, because metal is going to move and you’re going to have a little bit of water over a long period of time causes big problems. So hopefully that helps.

Shayla: So if you are having some water damage or leaking, give Roof Life of Oregon a call, especially if you’ve had a remodel. They’ll be able to get out there and tell you what kind of updates you need. If you have any questions about anything Patrick talked about today, reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Patrick.

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