In this episode: Have you ever noticed a ripple or peeling paint on your ceiling? Jerry talks about one of the major reasons this happens and what you can do about it.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB028-201 

Shayla: Welcome to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Jerry today. Jerry, if I look up at my ceiling in my home and see that the ceiling is peeling, what does that mean? Is it my roof?

Jerry: The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Chicken Little is coming at you. No, typically when you have a ceiling that is peeling, you do have water that is coming into your home from some place. And typically it is from your roof. It is one of those things that clients will call in and say, “I don’t know if this is a roof leak or not. But I Googled ‘my ceiling is peeling’ and it said I have a leak in my roof. So I just need you to come out and take a look at it.” And that’s usually what it is. It is going to be a leak from your roof that’s causing a stain on your ceiling, it’s causing a drip coming into your house, or you just kind of see, there’s houses that we go to, and you’ll see streaks of staining and they don’t have any idea where it’s coming from. And those can be a little difficult to find. It could be either a roof leak, or it could be really poor ventilation in your attic that’s accumulating a lot of moisture and it’s just sitting on your sheetrock, because by the time you see it, it’s pretty bad, typically, because it takes a little while to get through the insulation, through the sheetrock to where you can actually visibly see it.

Shayla: If it is ventilation, and it’s not an actual roof leak, could that poor ventilation eventually damage the roof?

Jerry: Oh, definitely. That’s the number one cause for roof failure in the United States is poor ventilation, poor vented roofs. It’s very common. I’ve been in this industry a long time. We’ve been in this industry a long time. The rules really just started changing on ventilation in the last ten to fifteen years. When I first started it, it was never even talked about. You just threw a couple can vents on your roof and you put a couple holes in your soffit and you’re good to go. Now it’s a whole different ballgame on how it’s addressed.

Manufacturers have found that a poor vented roof is the number one cause for their roof failure. So they write it in big, bold letters in their manual, “vent this roof properly or you will not have a manufacturer warranty.”

Shayla: If we think it is poor ventilation in our attic, are you guys still the people to call to fix that?

Jerry: We are definitely the people to call. We go every year to a continuing education class to learn the new technologies and the new procedures and the new processes to properly vent your house. So yeah, we’re very well-versed to it. We’re probably the ones you do want to call, because we’re one of the few companies that will actually address it after the fact of the roof already being installed. That’s the advantage of us being a repair and maintenance company is we’re willing to take on those oddball projects. We can definitely take care of your ventilation without replacing your roofs. Sometimes you will have somebody come in that doesn’t know how to weave in and kind of delicately place things. They just want to rip off and put on. We can go in and fix your ventilation without disturbing your whole roofing system and that’s really nice. That saves you thousands and thousands of dollars that you get to keep in your pocket and use for something else.

Shayla: Regardless if it’s a roof issue or a ventilation issue, Roof Life of Oregon is the team to call, so reach out to them today. Thanks, Jerry.

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