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Podcast: Have you looked at your trees lately?

Posted June 29, 2016 by Patrick Morin

Our gorgeous Portland trees change and mature with each passing year. And sometimes our roofs are affected by the added foliage. Listen to CEO Patrick Morin explain what to look for.

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Podcast Transcription:

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking today with Patrick Morin who is the CEO of Roof Life. And, Patrick, this time of year everything’s really beautiful and in full bloom, especially in your gorgeous Portland area. So tell me why this might be a good time for a homeowner to go outside and check on their roof.

Patrick: That’s a great question, Shayla. It’s interesting because when we have, like right now we’re just starting into a big building boom in Portland, meaning that everyone wants to live here and there’s not enough homes. So now the subdivisions are starting to branch out. You drive through these subdivisions and all the trees are like those little eight-foot, ten-foot trees that you by and plant and it’s like, “Just think what’s it’s going to look like in twenty years!” But the majority of Portland, the last boom we had was in the nineties and so those homes are twenty to twenty-five years old. And what’s happened is the homes have not grown, but the foilage and the leaves have matured. And when you give lace leaf maples, and you give the birch trees, and the furs and cedars and all the beautiful, different, how many shades of green can you have in Portland, trees, and you give them twenty to twenty-five years and what happens is they mature up above the roof life. So what used to not be an issue that would create moss and fungus, now is a constant barrage of fungus spoors and moss spoors falling on your roof.

We go outside and we look around and we’re looking at our flower beads, and take a minute and look up and see what’s happened around your home. It also matters what’s upwind. Our prevailing breeze comes from south, southwest. Figure out what’s south of your home, because what’s south of your home’s going to end up on your roof. We don’t just get one drop of leaves, we get the pollenizers. As those trees drop, you know those fur trees have those little pods, little light brown pods, and then the maple trees have those long, light green pods. And it’s like constantly there’s stuff falling out of these trees and they drop on your roof, they plug up drain areas, and they promote growth.

We know that and so we’re always trying to help you take care of your roofs. And so this is the message this spring 2016 is go out in your yard, look up, look to the southwest and see what’s growing up and over and near your roof line and based on that, you just need to up your ante on how much care you give your roof. They’re giving you insulation value; they’re giving you protection from the sun. So just take some of that energy savings and transfer it over into that roof maintenance account and then transfer it to Roof Life, and we’ll help you maintain your beautiful home that lives in and around and among these gorgeous, maturing trees.

Take care, look up, look around, notice the direction. We have constants that apply to our weather systems and we have constants that apply to your home and its environment, and based on that, we’ll put a plan together that will help you win the battle.

Shayla: So how’s that for a homework assignment? Go outside, look up at your beautiful trees, see what’s changed, and then give Roof Life of Oregon a call and they’ll help you get on a plan to make to sure your roof looks good, and works right and lasts longer. Thanks, Patrick.

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