In this episode, Daniel talks about the hazards that come when dryer vents end up in the wrong places and what you, the homeowner, can do about it. Never fear, we’re here to help!

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB034-221

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Daniel today. Daniel, are there any things you come across in your line of work where you just wonder why in the world was this designed this way? And maybe the homeowners don’t even know that that’s happening on the roof.

Daniel: Absolutely. Ya know, we find it all the time. Ya know, I just recently went to a street of dreams house recently, just to kind of go look. And the HVAC company put the high-efficiency furnace pipes in the front of the house, great big white pipes. So as you run up to the front of the house, you’ve got this beautiful black roof and right over the front door, two ugly, big, white furnace vents. That’s one of the things that you look at and go,¬†what were they thinking?

Well, here’s another one. This is one that I just came across and the homeowner wasn’t even aware of it. So we get up, we’re looking for moss, we’re looking for anything else out of whack on a roof. I climb up on this thing and the homeowner has a dryer vent spilling out on to the roof. The homeowner doesn’t even realize that this a problem, probably doesn’t even realize where that vent goes. Most of the time, if we have a dryer, it’s running out the side wall. So even if it’s on a two-story, they still run it out the side wall. The lint blows off to the side and it’s no big deal. You can clean out those vents pretty easily. Sometimes the builder takes that dryer vent and they go straight up with it; they put the vent on top of the roof. That’s a problem for a few different reasons.

So I get to this house and the vent’s completely plugged. So it’s trying to push the air up. All that lint is finally getting stuck inside that vent. It holds the flap open. Now it’s full of lint. It’s all over the roof and it looks terrible. When I unplugged it, the flapper is not even working anymore. And lord knows what is packed down inside that vent. So it’s going to do a few things. It’s going to make the dryer not last as long, because it’s trying to push that air that it can’t push. It’s filling full of all this lint that’s just becoming a hazard. If you get tons of lint in there and you have a dryer that’s pushing heat, it could be a fire hazard. These are things that the builder really shouldn’t have done, but if you can get it changed, let’s do that.

If it’s possible to get that vent off of the roof and go out a side wall, let’s get that done. Have a plumber, have an HVAC company, or a duct guy get that off of there and then we can change the roof line and close off that top. If it can’t come out, then that needs to be a priority on maintenance. That roof should be looked at once every two to three years to make sure that that’s not plugged at the top and have a duct-cleaning company, or an HVAC company, clean that thing out on a regular basis, because the last thing you want to do is have that vent just completely backed up and backing up on a regular basis.

Shayla: If a homeowner isn’t sure where their dryer vents, is that something they should call you about to just get that preventative maintenance on their roof, or can they figure it out themselves?

Daniel: Most of the time, they can figure it out themselves. You’ll see it on the outside. But if you’re not sure, and you need a well care check, we’ll come out and look at the roof. And if we see it, we’ll let you know about it. We make a nice video. So when we’re on your roof, not only do we look at it, but we video what we’re doing. So you get to see the roof like you’re standing right next to us. And then you’ll see this vent and go, “Oh my lord, I had no idea that was there.” We’ll tell you about it, we’ll tell you what’s going on with it, and give you some solutions that may help you alleviate that problem.

Shayla: So if you aren’t sure where you vents are or if you haven’t had your roof checked out in awhile, it’s a good time to call the team at Roof Life of Oregon, and they are always there and happy to answer any of your questions. Thanks, Daniel.

Daniel: Thank you.

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