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Podcast: Ever- Changing Weather Patterns In Oregon

Posted August 27, 2016 by Patrick Morin

In this episode, Roof Life of Oregon CEO, Patrick Morin, discusses why roof maintenance is so important amidst the chaotic weather we have in Oregon.


Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon Podcast. I’m talking today with Patrick Morin who is the CEO of Roof Life. And, Patrick, you guys have ever-changing weather patterns in Portland. It’s really inconsistent it seems. So how do you know if your roof is ready to handle that kind of thing?

Patrick: That’s a great question. I was on a roof just last week and I saw this dark, ominous cloud start to come over and I thought, “That looks like it’s going to be a little rough.” And then it dark and the temperature dropped by fifteen, twenty degrees and it just started hailing on the roofs I was on, I was in West Linn, and I tucked myself underneath the eave of the house. I didn’t have time to get off the roof. But it just did it for like five or ten minutes and it dropped hail everywhere and then again that same week, three days later, I was on a roof in Tigard, OR, and I was on the roof and I saw this whole bank of clouds coming. It was like what sailors see coming across, maybe they’re going to hit a monsoon.

So I had learned from my West Linn experience and thought, well, I better get off this roof and I got down and tucked underneath the garage roof and I actually filmed it. I filmed both of them, actually, it was so amazing to me. And I’m a lifetime Oregonian. We just don’t see weather like this. This change of temperature and then a lot of moisture all at once, coming down super hard or just things coming with wind at our homes, these are all things that roofs need to be kept up with, kept in tune. It’s like you never think about your car maintenance, if you’re just going to work a couple miles away or if the car breaks down or has a problem, you just hop on the bus. You still keep your schedule; no danger; your life’s no in peril; there’s no economic hit to you. But what if you had to take that car that you hadn’t had checked for awhile and you were going to go across the Mojave desert? You would have that car checked. Because if your car fails in the middle of the Mojave desert, you are more than likely in peril, dead or close to it.

And that’s how I would like people to think about their roofs in Portland. They really have to do a lot to keep the wind, water, sleet, snow, squirrels, raccoons, everything else that comes with Portland, out of your home. And that’s what Roof Life of Oregon does. We do well care check-ups on roofs that don’t have a problem, but haven’t been given a checkup and we just check all the points of connectivity of your roof. Wherever there’s a wall, where the roof meets the skylight, the chimney, diverter valley, anything that’s moving water in volume, needs to be certified and checked so that you know that come what may, you’re going to be okay.

That’s kind of what our message is today. A well care check-up at Roof Life will keep you in that peace of mind zone when those storms like here last week that we just experienced, hail, drop in temperature, huge amount of wind, wind driven rain and you’re going to be ready for it, if you have us help you with your roof.

Shayla: So make sure, if you have any questions you reach out to Patrick and his team and we thank you Patrick.

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