In this episode, Daniel discusses what to look out for when you’re searching for a contractor through a paid-review website. Make sure you do your own research.

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Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Daniel. Daniel, I want to talk about these contractor review sites. Can they be trusted to give us all the information we need, when looking for a roofing company?

Daniel: They can be used for a reference. You can use them, but make sure you do your due diligence on the contractor, not just the site, because it can be called a pay-for-play kind of thing, depending on who they are and how long they’ve been in business. There’s two different types of pay-for-play type of things that happen out there in the contractor world and it can be a little bit sticky and hard to deal with. So just check out the contractor. So the two different versions there are, there’s one that’s with the manufacturers and they have what’s called the “big boy club.” You get a part of this manufacturer and you say, I’ll only sell your product and I get all the bells and whistles and I get to use the name recognition. We were a part of one of those clubs for awhile and, unfortunately, there are other roofing contractors in this area that are a part of this same club, and we saw this manufacturer make exceptions to rules, because these other roofers wanted to use something different and they said, well, we’re going to leave the club if you don’t allow us to do this, this and this. And so they let them bend the rules and change things, which diminishes the whole idea in being a part of that. The idea is you stick to these rules, you do them the same way and it gives you a quality roof. We saw this happening and we realized the integrity wasn’t there and we say, we’re out. We’re going to do our own due diligence, we’re going to go to training with national roofing contractors association and other training classes, Air Vent Inc., we go to their training. We’d rather do it ourselves, get all the training that’s necessary and do it the right way, rather than aligning with one particular manufacturer that has this type of club.

The other clubs are the contractor referral sites. Be really careful with some of those. Let me give you an example. This just happened. We know most of the other contractors in the area. We just know them. We’ve seen them for years. A truck pulls in front of me, it’s a contractor I’ve never heard before and I thought, oh, that’s a new name. I haven’t seen that. On the back they had this big decal and this particular site is known for giving out this special award. So on the back, there was this big decal. It was their award. I thought, that’s odd. I’ve never seen this guy and they’ve got this big decal. I look him up and the contractor has only been in business for one month.

You can do that diligence. You can contact the CCB Board, Oregon’s contractor board and see how long they’ve been in business, what their insurance, all the different aspects. This guy had only been in business one month, yet he has this special award from this website. So just be really careful. Just because they have that award, doesn’t mean they really are. If he’s paying into that site, they’re going to get benefits from paying into the site. It doesn’t mean they’re really good.

Shayla: So make sure you do your due diligence, like Daniel said, before you invest in something as big as a roof for your house. If you have any questions about anything that we’ve talked about today, you can reach out to Daniel and the team at Roof Life of Oregon.

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