In this episode, Jerry talks to us in-depth about the challenges of replacing a roof year-round, and why some companies choose not to do it. RoofLife is not one of those companies. We have the tools and the talent to provide free roof replacement estimates, and perform the work all year long.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB020-163

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Jerry today. Jerry, can I re-roof my home any time of year?

Jerry: For sure. You can roof any time of year. I do get that question quite often, because, face it, most people don’t know they need a roof until it’s this time of year, when the water’s coming into their home. And you just can’t really wait until next spring to do your roofing project, when you actively have water coming into your home.

There are all kinds of steps we can do to protect the inside of your house, even if it is raining. We can roof when it’s raining. We can roof when it’s windy. We just can’t roof when they’re both together, windy and rainy, because when it’s raining, we have a tent system that we put above the house that keeps everything dry. It keeps the inside of your house dry and, most importantly, it keeps the guys dry. The reason why that’s important is because if you have a dry, comfortable worker, he’s not going to feel like he has to rush the job to get it done, because he’s wet and miserable. So you just get a better roof out of it by doing it the right way. But, yet, we can roof anytime.

Shayla: Are there any pros to getting it done this time of year?

Jerry: You don’t have a leak. Really, there’s no pros or cons any time of year. Yes, the guys would rather it be seventy degrees and sunny with the birds chirping, but you know what, when it comes to you as a homeowner, there is no pros and con to whether or not to do during the summer or during the winter. It just works every day of the year. We live in Oregon, if we only roofed when it was nice out, we would only be roofing three months of the year.

Shayla: And you guys would be really busy those three months.

Jerry: We would be really busy. It’s not a good business plan.

Shayla: So if someone’s listening and has decided that now is right time they need a new roof, how do they get that process started with you?

Jerry: Just give us a call at the office, 925-0125, and our ladies will help you out at the front desk. They’re going to set you up on my calendar. I’ll come out and take a look at the inside of your house, along with the outside of your roof, and we’re going to sit down and make a plan.

Shayla: Alright, so if you have any questions about anything we’ve talked about today, like Jerry said, reach out to the team at Roof Life of Oregon.

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