This is my plea to the Portland Oregon shake roof community. I keep seeing roofs with flat grain failure, which helps our maintenance business, but isn’t helping the homeowner. You the customer has a say in what your roof contractor chooses to put on your roof. It’s time to take a stand.

In this video that I created, I’ll show you why having a pre-treated roof with flat grain shakes isn’t any better than a non-treated roof with flat grain shakes.


I’m on a five year old half inch CCA treated number one Blue Label shake roof. This is the clue that I’d like everyone to get with a pre-treated shake roof. Please require as a customer that the wood be 100% vertical grain, because even a pre-treated flat grain shake is going to fail. This is a crack over a crack, flat grain failure, flat grain failure, flat grain failure, and it makes a big difference. Flat grain failure, this is 100% vertical grain shake, the grain is nice and tight, the grain is about the width of the tip of a pen. Right next to it, is a flat grain shake. In a 100% vertical grain shake you will have none of these, you’ll have all of these. Therefore, you’ll have very, very little repair you’ll have a roof that will last a very long time, super low maintenance, it also happens to be the lowest carbon footprint roof of any type in America. A western red cedar 100% vertical grain will have low maintenance, look gorgeous, and make your home look great. Here we have almost a four in a row crack. One, two, three, four, and that’s what happens with flat grain.

We use the highest grade all-vertical grain shakes for all of our repairs and roof replacements. If you’re tired to having to constantly repair your roof it’s time we introduced you to the vertical grain side of shakes. For more information on the quality of shakes we use, or why you shouldn’t give up on cedar, visit the following pages.

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