Roof leaks are a huge problem during the winter season of the Pacific Northwest. One of the main contributors is not having properly function roof components, specially pipe flashings.

Our team member Ken explains below exactly what a pipe flashing is and how they can cause a roof leak.


Hi this is Ken, Roof Life of Oregon, today we’re on a roof and we’re going to talk about pipe flashings; some people refer to them as pipe jacks. Basically, wherever there’s any internal plumbing a tub, sink, toilet, those need to ventilate the house. So this is what that pipe is doing is ventilating those internally plumbed items. This is the pipe flashing or the pipe jack. A lot of contractors choose to put on a no-caulk. The no-caulk refers to the neoprene rubber collar that matches the angle of the pipe to the angle of the roof to giving you somewhat of a universal pipe unit. Typically these last ten years depending on the weather and severity. Anytime you have an increased angle or pitch of your roof it definitely shortens the life this because it stresses the upper side. From the street or from the ground side, normally you can’t see any problems, but that crack is usually on that upside of that flashing which could cause a severe leak and cause some internal problems even on a wear as they become bigger issues. So have us out every other year or every three years and we can detect those and get those taken care of for you.

There’s no way to tell you have a bad pipe flashing until it’s too late. Be proactive. All it takes is a phone call [503-925-0125] or filling out our roof estimate form to determine if your roof is home to faulty working pipe flashings.

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