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Pipe Flashing, We Don’t Need No Stinking Pipe Flashings!

Posted March 30, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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Most home owners should know that your roof that needs to be evaluated periodically to ensure all the components, not just shakes or shingles, are functioning properly. A simple roof inspection can ensure your roof is in tip top shape for the next three to five years. Today we’ll take a look at a pipe flashing, a simple component of your roof, designed to keep water on your roof and out of your home!

The reality is a majority of our clients have a limited, at best, concept of how the components of a roof comprise to create a roofing system. Like most industries, roofing products are available in various styles and quality ranging from good to better to best. It is very common to find a home that has a 30 or 40 year composition shingle, the non-wood looking ones, installed with a rubber pipe flashing (like the one in this picture).


Unfortunately in the Portland, OR environment these type of pipe flashing’s will only last about 12/15 years. The question we ask is why wouldn’t you match the quality of your roofing components to the quality of your shakes or shingles? The entire roof has a greater likelihood of lasting longer, with less maintenance, if your components are as high of quality as your shakes or shingles. You wouldn’t put low grade gasoline in a Rolls Royce would you? No, you’d use the highest quality gasoline you could find! Why treat your roof any different?

In this particular case, the problem is related to the installation rather than the product. If the contractor cares enough to do the job, why not care enough to do the job correctly? A faulty pipe flashing like above can only cause more severe problems that may not be easily detected. If it’s been more than three to five years since someone’s checked your roof, call or e-mail Roof Life of Oregon today and ensure all of your components are in full working order.

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