The past three days we’ve discussed how many roofing contractors recommend a full roof replacement when only a partial is necessary, how the West side of the roof, and we showed you why a partial roof replacement is an option.

Today, Daniel White will show you the South side of the roof, the side that needs to be replaced, and explain what kind of duration these homeowners can expect from this roof.


As you can see, we have that South side all papered in and we’re putting on the new shakes. This will be the repair side; we’ll do some spot repairs on this. We’ll finish up that side, and again this side will have very, very few repairs on it. We’ll get another 15 years out of that one side, we’ll get a 30 year warranty on this side right here and the homeowner can enjoy his roof.

Make sure before you choose to replace your entire roof you have a Roof Life of Oregon consultant give you a roof inspection. We’ll tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly in regards to your home’s roof.

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