The previous two days we’ve discussed how many roofing contractors recommend a full roof replacement when only a partial is necessary and how the West side of the roof.

Today, Daniel White will talk about the East side of the roof and shows why it’s not necessary to replace this side even though part of the roof needs to be replaced.


Ok, now we’re on the East side of the roof. The North side is facing over there. This side is in great shape, there’s no sense in tearing of this side of the roof. So many roofing contractors that come out will tell you, “it’s shot, go ahead and tear off the entire roof.” Well, that’s not the case most of the time on these shake roofs, you just have to work on the Southwest side. In this case it’s only the South side. This is the East side. The only thing wrong with this side is we have some algae growth and some moss growth, but the repairs on this, if you came over here, there is only about ten maybe 15 spots on this side that even need to be replaced. Otherwise, we put a nice treatment on it that’s going to clean off this moss and make it a nice beautiful silver color. Otherwise, this roof has a good ten to 15 years inside of it. It’s the same thing with the North side of there. We’re going to go ahead and just do some small repairs, treat it up and make it look really good.

Come back tomorrow and as we conclude our four part series and show you the South side of the roof. For more information about our roof replacement procedure visit our roof replacement page.

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