Yesterday, we discussed how many roofing contractors recommend a full roof replacement when only a partial is necessary.

Today, Daniel White shows us the West side of the roof where we expect to see some visible wear and tear.


So now we’re up on the roof. West side is facing this way and obviously that’s our North side heading that way. On the West side, that’s where we’re going to have a lot of these erosion holes along with the South side. So if we come a little closer, what we’re looking for are these erosion holes. Now if you only have a certain amount of them on the West side or the North side of wherever we are working we can do the repairs on these roofs. A lot of the time, these Southwest sides have so many erosion holes that we have to replace them. That’s why we’re doing this, you can see over here on the South side we’re doing this small section. We’re going to tear it off and put a brand new section on it. We’re also working on this section over here. We’re going to go ahead and tear it off, put down our paper, and put new shakes on here.

Come back tomorrow and see the East side of the roof. For more information about our roof replacement procedure visit our roof replacement page.

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