I spent the morning out in the field with Daniel White the other day, and was astonished hear about the number of homeowners that replace their ENTIRE roof instead of just the necessary sides. Maybe it’s a convenience thing, maybe it’s bad information, or maybe someone is having a great promotion like, “Buy one side of your roof at full price, get the other three sides for 50% off.”

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know that a large majority of roofing contractors simply prescribe full roof replacements or roof maintenance; nothing in-between. Over the next four days Daniel White will take us through the reasoning for doing a partial roof replacement vs a full roof replacement and show us visually the difference between the weathered and non-weathered side of the roof.


Hi, we are in SW Portland, the Tigard area, today working on a roof. Typically when we find issues with roofs, when it comes to wear and tear, it’s on the Southwest sides that we have those issues. The Northeast sides usually has the algae growth the moss and things like that, it’s the Southwest that starts to wear off. In this case, the house started wearing off mainly on the South side. So we’re only going to replace the South side, we’re doing a lot of repairs on the West side, and then the Northeast side has very minor repairs and put a nice treatment on this roof. This roof is going to last quite a long time, there is no need in tearing off an entire roof when the Northeast side still has a good 15 years and the West side still has a good five to ten years. The only thing they need to replace is that South side. That’s one of the things we do offer. Instead of tearing off an entire roof, and forking out the money for a brand new one, you can actually work on sections of the roof at a time and extend the life of that roof. So that’s what we’re doing on this one, the South side we are tearing off.

Come back tomorrow and see the West side of the roof. For more information about our roof replacement procedure visit our roof replacement page.

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